7 Strange Beauty Therapy

7 Strange Beauty Therapy

7 Strange Beauty Therapy - Some time ago in Japan offer spa therapy snails to obtain a more beautiful face. With the exception of wear snails, in fact there are several other beauty treatments that included strange. What are? Listen sedetailnya as taken from independence. com below.

urine Therapy
Urine called former body metabolism is divided into 95% water, 2, 5% urea, just mark the combination of salt, minerals, enzymes, and hormones that the news is good for the skin. Urine in the morning which is also used as a compress is said to make the skin healthy and acne free.

Facial bird droppings
Nightingale bird droppings remove the nitrogen content, urea, and amino acid that is often used as well as cosmetics. News facial bird droppings was done to obtain the face brighter, softer, as well as pretty as some of the Japanese geisha.

Coffee powder
Caffeine not only makes the body continues to build, but also a powerful ingredient to get rid of cellulite. As well as beauty treatments, bath powder coffee can get rid of some of the dead skin cells. Until the skin will be cleaner and healthier.

beer bath
In Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria, it is common found that offer spa treatments in a beer bath. It is said that the content of the beer in the form of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and amino acids can make the skin more bright and radiant.

facial blood
Another bizarre beauty treatments are facials using blood. Which makes it creepy that the blood taken from the arm to the smeared-dab in the face. This treatment is done to stimulate the production of collagen in the face to make the skin look younger.

Idioms in English, this means meant by cupping. Cupping in Asia actually is a form of acupuncture that uses hot glass to get rid of free radicals and toxins in the body. Except healthy, cupping also reportedly make the skin more healthy and beautiful.

fish pedicure
Therapy or fish pedicure involves small fish had no teeth that bite some dead skin cells. Throughout 15-30 minutes, foot soak into the pond stocked fish to get a smoother skin and pretty.


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