13 characteristics of men who deserve maintained

  • Why is there a lot of women admitted to not happy with her marriage? Because they are fighting for men who do not love him and when advised - they would reply, "But I already love." Love is not an excuse to act silly, every woman should be able to ensure that the man she loved also loved him very much that a harmonious relationship can be created. Therefore, when you have men with these characteristics, so keep him:
  • 1. He cares for you

    , The love and concern of a shellac-man can not be judged by the material, because it is a form of sincerity of his heart and his devotion to the woman he loves.
  • 2. He was always thinking of you

    , Every second of every moment he is always thinking of you, but not in a way that possessive, he felt that a second without your presence is void. Therefore, he will strive with every effort to get to meet you or just talk to you.
  • 3. He respects you

    Men who love pure will respect you, he'll keep the speech as well as his behavior in front of you, he would not dare to carelessly treat your body with disrespectful.
  • 4. He revealed it to you

    , He realized that what he felt would never know if it is not delivered directly to your own. Therefore, there is no slightest reason for him to be afraid or hesitate to say love you, he will be very gentelman.
  • 5. He takes care of your needs

    , When you are sick or are busy with work, without being asked he would take care of all your needs so that you can rest. This is the simple way he could do to show that he is a very caring and loving you.
  • 6. You are a big part of his future plans

    , When a man loves women seriously, then there is no reason for him to procrastinate in order to step up to a more serious level, so do not be surprised if he suddenly proposed to you to be his wife.
  • 7. He patiently faced you

    , Men who love women have a good self-control, he will not easily jealous, resentful or irritable with your habits, otherwise he will instead very patiently faced you.
  • 8. He was protecting you

    , He realized that his role is to protect you, so he will try as best as possible to make sure that you are always in a state of fine.
  • 9. He loves your family

    , He realized that loving you means also have to be willing to love your family, this is an obligation that must he carried out without any intent to discriminate.
  • 10. Understand you well

    , He understood well the character and your personality, so when you're angry or are facing a problem he will be able to drown out her emotions so as not to make you more annoyed him.
  • 11. She loves you what their

    , He realized that no one is perfect in this world, that physical beauty is only temporary, but the heart of beauty is eternal. Therefore, he will love you as they are and not because there ass.
  • 12. He was very good at keeping your feelings

    , A man well versed keep the feeling of the women. Because of that, he will never defame you, do not cheat, do not utter harsh words or hurt you physically.
  • 13. He was honest to you

    , Of the many reasons to defend a man the most important thing is honesty, because honesty is the initial capital to achieve happiness, impossible without harmonious relationships can be created. Therefore, keep an honest man so you will have a happy future with him.


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