Solving Insomnia Can Be Done With Clean Beds

shutterstock_32945530 copythe more people who complain of insomnia when compared with antiquity. Besides the stress factors that plagued the mind caused by a variety of problems in the world of work, or even because of social problems, insomnia can be caused by many other factors, especially the comfort that can not be obtained on the bed. A study conducted by Jim Horner, health experts from Loughborough University says if women feel less comfortable in his bed will tend to be more awake or waking during sleep. For this reason the ratio of women experienced trouble sleeping much higher than men, which is 63 percent higher.

The beds were dirty obviously will be less comfortable to wear to bed. For example, a mattress filled with dust and dirt will certainly make us feel less comfortable skin. Additionally, pillowcases, bed sheets, or even a blanket that smells will also make it more difficult to get quality sleep time. Health experts themselves say if pillowcases, bed sheets, blankets, or even a bed cover should we replace it once a week. In addition, try to hang the pillow or mattress at least once a month so that the bed we would be much more convenient to use.

If you have a ceiling fan and you wear when bedtime to get a comfortable temperature to sleep, then you must be diligent cleaning. Without realizing it, the sound of the fan is heavy because rarely cleaned and coupled with the blowing dust can trigger trouble getting quality sleep.

Another area that should we besihkan is the area of ​​the floor and walls of the bedroom that could have been filled with dirt and dust that can create respiratory problems and allergies so that we will be hard to sleep. Do not forget also the area under the bed which we often ignore it clean. In short, the beds were much cleaner, we would be much more relaxed in bed and could potentially get much sleep quality and healthy


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