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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tips and how to whiten skin with turmeric

Tips and how to whiten skin with turmeric

Actually, turmeric has been very popular in the skin care world, especially in the efficacy of bleach the skin is also very popular. Some manufacturers also add facial cosmetic properties of turmeric in it. But to Alamia of turmeric will decrease as other mixed materials, and here we will tell the content contained in turmeric.


Turmeric has the benefit of a very remarkable, that the properties could brighten and nourish the skin, in turmeric contains a substance that can whiten the face also brighten the curcumin functions as an anti-flocked, anti-septic, anti-microbial, and anti-aging. Herbs that have a gold color and have a distinctive taste is also commonly used as an acne removal, because turmeric is rich in antibacterial, so that the acne will disappear without leaving a trace. And this is the nutrients contained in turmeric following the efficacy of turmeric that can whiten the face:

Calcium: work to improve the skin outer layer and take care of dry and rough skin.

Vitamin C: Efficacious to form collagen, and maintain springy to the skin.

Vitamin B6: forming new cells, as well as keep the skin to stay moist and healthy.

Potassium: serves to overcome dry skin by way humidify facial skin to look smoother and softer.

Magnesium: efficacious very important to brighten the skin and slow skin aging.


Turmeric usually in combination with some other natural materials, in order to get a double effect in one treatment.
A quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder
1 Tsp milk (fresh milk is better)
1 teaspoon honey
kunyit 3The trick: wash your face with facial cleanser, then wash your face using warm water to open pores and nutrients can be absorbed into the skin. How to use easy you just need to mix the above ingredients and spread to your facial skin that has been dried from water, let stand for 10min or in case the mask has dried turmeric, then wash with cold water and facial cleanser.
Masker kunyitHow easy not to bleach the skin care with turmeric? In addition to the danger of materials easily obtained, you can try at home during leisure time, rejuvenate your skin does not have to go to the salon and expensive, how to bleach the skin with turmeric is more effective and cheaper.

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