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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Without Pounding heart because

  • I experienced this experience about two years ago. At that time, three days before the new year, 2012, in the morning around 01:30 I was abruptly awakened from sleep, when they want to sit in bed I suddenly found my heart beat very fast, I panicked because it is accompanied by breath panting. Everyone was asleep. In the midst of panic and trying hard to keep realizing I tried to catch my breath, I thought that this might be the end of my life. Once I could control the situation, I walked toward my parents room and tried to wake them up and tell what I was experiencing. During the attack I experienced no pain or pressure in the chest to the left of me, just the heart beat irregularly accompanied with gasping breath. After the incident in the morning I then went back to sleep.
    Intermittent approximately 2 months since my first beating heart attack, at the end of February 2012 around 21:00 I again experienced similar events are palpitations accompanied by panting. My parents called a doctor who lived near our home, the doctor and then take action to check my blood pressure and my blood pressure is known to not be normal, she then gave me a sedative and still trying to identify my disease. After I calmed him and then recommended that the next morning I went to the hospital and do a general check up. The next day I did what the doctor ordered with a previous fasting. After I received the results of the check up the whole of my body, I found that all my organs function was within normal limits, meaning there is no things to worry about, including the results of the check ECG my heart is still in the normal range. The results of the laboratory tests then I take it to a doctor who handles me in the evening that the doctor also explained to me that all the good results of the tests. The question in my mind is what happened with my heart for 2 times the attack. The doctors can not explain.
    Lapse of one month in mid-March, in the afternoon I had a heart attack pounding the third time. This time it seems that the heaviest attack since I was not able to walk let alone to just sit on the bed. My legs also feels very cold and the attack lasted long enough dibandingkn the last two attacks. Because it is still early evening my parents and my brothers decided to take me to the local hospital emergency room. On arrival at the ER I was directly handled by the doctors who were on guard. While in the hospital, my heart flutter already somewhat subsided, the doctor put ECG equipment on my chest and my heart rate monitor. On that day I asked to stay overnight in the emergency room. The next day the ER doctors who deal with me let me go home and again asked me to rest, but asked me to fast because the next day was asked to re-do a thorough check up. I do what is recommended by doctors and after obtaining the results of the check up on my return to the ER physician. The results of the first and second check ups I take everything. After comparing the results of the check-up twice in different laboratories found, ER physician conclusion that what I experienced was a heart defect called Arrhythmias, a condition caused by psychological reasons for stress. Stress causes irregular heartbeat consequently so disturbed blood supply accompanied by panting. The emergency physician advised me to visit poly nervous because my organ function in good condition. Conditions are also bad cholesterol within the normal threshold so that there is no blockage in my heart.
    After the incident two years have passed and I no longer had a heart attack pounding. I decided to write this because my experience would like to invite everyone to care about the health of our heart because the heart is the main driver of our motors. In order for our bodies to function normally we should pay more attention to one of our most important members of this organ. So that we are always healthy heart should we do the following:
  • Make a healthy diet

    Choose healthy foods that do not contain fat and cholesterol such as meat, fried food. Choose foods high in fiber such as oats, vegetables and fruits.
  • Always keep your weight normal

    Obesity is just going to hit us and make the heart work harder.
  • Avoid stress

    Just as I experienced stress can make our heart's workload becomes abnormal, therefore, as much as possible avoid stress because stress will only harm our bodies.
  • Consumption of seafood is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 and 6

    The seafood is well known for his usefulness for heart health, konsumislah seafood wisely and not excessive.
  • Sport

    Light but regular exercise will be far more beneficial than vigorous exercise, but not routinely or regularly. With the sport can train our heart to be strong and make the blood vessels in the whole body to be smooth.
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol, avoid the use of narcotics and other dangerous drugs

    These substances are not to be consumed our bodies. These substances are recommended for use outside of the body and under the supervision of doctors skilled in the art.
  • Conduct periodic general inspection

    The organs in our body like a machine, it should be examined regularly to ensure functions are running optimally.
    With love your heart by way of judicious in choosing what should be avoided for consumption and will make your heart is still functioning properly. Heart health is very important, lest you regret it later if your heart function begins to decline. Therefore, before too late to care for your heart from now on.

7 amazing benefits of fruits for your body

  • In Latin, barking called sallaka edulis, whereas in the US and Europe this fruit called snake fruit due to the form of the skin that resembles snake scales. According to some surveys, bark that grows only in the tropics are not as famous as apples, oranges, or bananas because there are many who do not know the benefits contained in fruits for a healthy body.
    Any nutritional content in it?
    • 368 kk energy
    • 0.8 grams of protein
    • 90.3 g carbohydrates
    • 0.4 grams of fat
    • 38 mg calcium
    • 31 mg phosphorus
    • 3.9 mg of iron
    • 8.4 grams of vitamin C
    • fiber
    • several grams of vitamin B and minerals
    Now, what are the benefits barking for your health?
  • 1. Improve the immune system

    The content of vitamin C in the bark boost immunity against viral diseases.
  • 2. Maintaining eye health

    According to some research, the bark contains five times more beta-carotene than carrots, tomatoes, mangoes and watermelon. So if you do not like carrots, can use pieces of bark as an alternative to meet the needs of eye health.
  • 3. Prevent the growth of cancer

    The fruit is also rich in antioxidants that can prevent the growth and development of cancer cells to cause cancer.
  • 4. Treating diarrhea

    Salak contains tannin that has been widely known as an ingredient in the treatment of diarrhea.
  • 5. Rich in fiber

    The myth says that eating too much will make bowel movement becomes difficult. In fact, the epidermis fruits contain fiber needed by the body, which actually facilitate digestion. So try epidermis of fruits should not be wasted.
  • 6. Assist the diet

    Relatively high carbohydrate content is able to suppress hunger while diet program.
  • 7. Increase intelligence

    The results also show that this fruit can improve brain performance by bringing the content of potassium and pectin, which can nourish some of the nerves and able to facilitate and control the circulation of blood to the brain.
    But, unfortunately, barking is not intended for people with ulcers and typhoid because some abortion is not good for the patient. But apart from that, you can eat bark anytime. In fact, it will be more delicious if made as pickles or bark chips for a snack daily.
    So many benefits of fruits that can be good for the health of the body. So now, barking can be an alternative fruit to your daily life, is not it?

How to Overcome Pornography Addiction

  • Addiction to pornography is a real problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Just like any addiction, pornography addiction can destroy lives. Fortunately, the same as other addiction, the addiction can also be overcome. Here are 6 steps to help you or a loved one beat addiction to pornography.
    Addiction is hard to overcome. As a society, we are making it more difficult to create a negative sign for who has overcome his addiction. Pornography is no different, and yes, pornography is addictive.
    Millions of people around the world trapped by their basic instincts, without being aware of what to do to get out of it. There are 6 steps that are developed to help people overcome this addiction:
  • Ready to face difficulties

    We all have difficulties, and generally we know the difficulties that faced. Be aware of what the difficulties and prepare yourself. When you prepare, you will realize when you are trapped in this matter. This will give you the opportunity to face your problems instantly.
  • Understanding your body

    It sounded a little odd, but it is important. Learning to understand what your body is saying. Recognizing emotions and how you feel on the inside. Try to understand what your emotions. For most people who are trying to overcome an addiction, they generally start to feel negative emotions are declining rapidly for several days before they recur. Listen and understand your body is a skill that takes time to learn, but this is an important step that you should do.
  • Responsible

    This is a difficult step; This means that you take responsibility for your actions. You also need to take responsibility to resolve your difficulties. Do not blame others for the selection or your situation. When you take responsibility, you will begin to understand yourself better, which will make it easier to control your passion.
  • Recognize your triggers

    This means that you need to understand what makes you tempted. In other words, recognize what drives you get in trouble it. Socrates said "know yourself". How many of us really know and understand ourselves? The whole of this step requires you to be familiar with yourself and understand the things in your life that contribute towards your addiction. Be honest; Do not let embarrassment or denial keep you from improving your life.
  • fortify yourself

    Once you have identified your triggers, prepare yourself to be able to overcome temptation. How many people do vary. Anyone listening to music, out of the house and enjoy nature, exercise, or read a good book. Go around yourself - at home and in the workplace - with a variety of things, such as drawings, paintings, gifts from people who love, the stuff that makes you laugh, or help you commemorate something very meaningful, will also be useful for you and help you overcome your desire.
  • Control in your hands

    Remember, the control is in your hands. In other words, control your life and difficulties, do not let yourself be controlled by them.
    When we actually run those steps, we will be stronger and will be able to handle whatever we face.
    Translated and adapted by Effian Kadarusman of the original article "How to Overcome pornography addiction" works of Russell C. Gaede PsyD.

Bathing in the early morning there are many benefits!

  • Not many people can get up early in the morning to take a shower. Very cold water can sometimes be a reason not too early bath. In fact, did you know that a shower in the early morning was very good for health? Some studisudah prove its benefits. What are they?
  • 1.Membantu overcome depression

    Many people think if a shower in the early morning with very cold air will lead to diseases, such as flu or arthritic bone. Yet that opinion is not correct. In contrast to the cold shower at night, down the cold water in the morning it will make us healthier, it can even help a person to overcome depression. The cold water felt when you first flow through our bodies when morning will m make us become more relaxed.
  • 2. Can refresh the body and brighten the skin

    Another benefit that can be obtained when taking a shower in the early morning is the body fresher and more attractive appearance. In the opinion of some experts, the water that soaks the body while bathing in the early morning can refresh the skin so the skin will be smooth and soft. Not only that, wash it in the early morning can also make the scalp healthier and stronger hair.
  • 3.Meningkatkan immune system

    Bathing in the early morning with cold water it also helps boost the immune system. Some studies also say that the bath with cold water in the early morning can increase white blood cell development that will strengthen the immune system. Viruses or bacteria that can attack the body will be reduced. So it is likely to be less sick.
  • 4.Membantu increase fertility

    If you would like to soon have children, maybe you can try this way because of a cold shower in the early morning may also help increase fertility. A research has shown that a cold shower in the early morning were able to keep the male and female reproductive. The production of estrogen in women and testosterone in men will rise and this can affect fertility in man. Not only that, with frequent early morning shower can also be sexually arousing. By doing so, you and your partner to get more spirit offspring.
  • 5.Melancarkan blood circulation in the body

    The last benefit is the blood circulation in the body. When just woken up, the blood circulation in the body will be hampered because the body is not active after a sleepless night. If you are diligent bathe in the early morning, the body will become more relaxed, so that blood circulation going smoothly and the body is also getting healthier.

Masturbation Addiction Negative Impact and Ways to Overcome It

  • Not only drugs that can make a person become addicted, there is one more thing for most people is still considered taboo for membahasanya, ie masturbation. Based on the study of health sciences masturbation is the deliberate stimulation in the genital organs for the purpose of obtaining or pleasure sensation and sexual satisfaction.
    Although, according to medical science masturbation does not have a serious impact on health, but if done continuously and without control, then masturbation can bring negative effects for those who do. For those parents who currently have teenage children who had entered puberty, it is very important to give them a correct understanding of masturbation. Do not consider it a taboo anymore, so the kids can have a clear picture of the risks they face when it comes to addiction do.
    Excerpted from Mother and Child tabloids, there are some negative effects of masturbation is to know not only by parents but all people, especially teenagers, why it should not be doing, such as:
  • In terms of health

  • 1. The causes of prostate cancer

    The results of the University of Nottingham, said that men aged 20-30 years who are addicted to masturbation at risk of suffering from prostate cancer. Scientists from the university did peneltian to 800 men who masturbate regularly, and found that 50% of them suffering from prostate cancer.
  • 2. Premature Ejaculation

    Those who frequent masturbation may experience premature ejaculation due to a strong boost and haste to orgasms. Impact when a married couple can not satisfy because it is not able to sustain an erection for a long time.
  • 3. Harmful yourself

    Masturbation can injure yourself because this relates to how people treat their genitals. Rude gestures and haste and materials is also a tool used to help get sexual stimulation often causes nerves in the reproductive organs were injured, and if the injury is too severe it can put a person permanently impotent.
  • 4. Heart attack

    Cardiac work will be driven when the urge to masturbate soared, accompanied by feelings of fear, anxiety and the desire to be able to quickly get the pleasure of briefly and quickly. When a person has a history of heart disease, the subject can suffer sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Psychological terms

  • 1. Guilt

    Guilt is felt shortly after masturbation can affect a person's psychological, such as felt dirty, guilty, depressed, dispirited, and so on.
  • 2. Addiction

    Like a drug addict, masturbation can also make a person become addicted. When you can not take it person can experience symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, irritability, restlessness, tremor, fatigue, unable to think clearly, and so forth.
  • 3. Do not trust themselves to the opposite sex

    The fear of the opposite sex often experienced by those who are addicted to masturbation. This fear is more due to psychological factors due to low self-esteem and fear of not being able to satisfy their partner, so as to gain personal satisfaction masturbation selected as the best way.
    There are still many other negative things from masturbation addiction that can not be mentioned one by one, besides not good for the health of masturbation is also prohibited by religion. Therefore, if you have understood that the negative things that can arise because of addiction to masturbation, then immediately quit. If you feel that you had been often, before its too late and hurt yourself, there are some suggested ways that you can redirect the desire to masturbate to other things better, namely by:
  • 1. Increase faith

    Someone who fears God will obey His commandments, and masturbation is prohibited by religion. Therefore, strengthen your faith so self control to resist the desire of committing such acts.
  • 2. Increase physical activity

    Do a lot of daydreaming or less physical activity. Perbanyaklah sports and do activities together with friends, so the desire to do what they can be removed.
  • 3. Avoid watching porn, porn pictures and reading erotic stories

    Avoid watching pornographic movies, pornographic pictures or reading erotic stories, because it can actually increase the desire to perform these actions.
  • 4. Clever choose friends

    Mix only with friends who have a high standard that is able to say and act politely to each other.
  • 5. Immediately married

    When you are ready and it's time to get married immediately and did according should be reasonable with your partner, in order to avoid sin and other negative impacts.

9 Sleep Negative Impact Mobile Close

  • sleep 

    Nowadays mobile phones have become the most faithful companions of man, it can be said today there was no one who does not own a cell phone. Mobile phones have transformed from a luxury item that used to be only a few people could afford to have, but now even the children of primary school age was frequently found to carry it everywhere.
    As human companions phones have helped to facilitate communication with the owners of other people. However, despite the friend turns mobile phones also save their own dangers that are not recognized by their owners. Moreover, not infrequently the owners of mobile phones today, when they sleep, the phone is also nearby.
    Cell phones have high radiation that is invisible, it causes a person is unaware of the dangers. According to WHO data, cell phone radiation is carcinogenic that can affect the human nervous system, which can eventually cause cancer or tumors.
    Sleep is the time to recharge, if your sleep is not able to fill your power, then your days will not be maximized. Therefore, in order to minimize the danger of latent phones for the owner, it is better if the habit of sleeping near the phone from now eliminated. Quoted from various sources, here are nine negative impact sleep near the device, including:
  • 1. Can cause brain tumors

    Cell phone radiation can affect the formation of neoplasms of cell regeneration that is not fair. Generally, brain tumors in adults of reproductive age, but some may be found in cases where the tumor can also affect children. Therefore, from this time try not to use the phone too often, let alone get accustomed to sleeping nearby.
  • 2. Can cause cancer

    Almost the same with brain tumors, cell phone radiation can also affect the process of division of cells in the body become uncontrolled, abnormal cells are then invade nearby tissues are routinely come into contact with your phone, such as the skin and ears. Quite often other body such as the stomach can also be exposed to mobile phone radiation causing cancer, because when the owner unconscious sleep is often put under and on top of her body.
  • 3. Burned and explode

    Mass media such as television and newspapers reported a case phones exploded and burned while the owner is asleep so that hurt him. The incident occurred because many times its recharge the cell phone owner and then fell asleep on his side, when the power is full and forgot to pull it out, the phone will be hot and when it comes to short circuit occurs can make it explode on fire.
  • 4. Causing headaches

    Mobile phone radiation for some people who are sensitive to RF waves emitted can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, even to vomit.
  • 5. Cause can not sleep soundly

    Mobile phones can make someone so could not sleep well, either because busy playing games, telephone ria with a boyfriend, was busy replying to a message from a colleague, or read information-information from the internet. Mobile phones can also cause the owner always feel anxious, restless and tense.
  • 6. Heart attack

    In a few cases ever found someone who had a history of heart disease suddenly died instantly when he heard his cell phone ringing in the middle of the night, could be concerned stunned to have a heart attack.
  • 7. Aggravating Alzheimer's

    Alzheimer's disease is not contagious and generally attack someone who is old. However, for those who used to sleep near the device, radiation can accelerate the process of someone having Alzheimer's.
  • 8. Cause fatigue

    Phones that are close to the owner can be made into fitful sleep quality. While you slept, but in fact you are still awake, with marked you still remember some of the things that happen when you are asleep. It can make you experience fatigue when waking up the next morning.
  • 9. Inhibit the body's metabolism

    It is known that when a person actually fall asleep at this time that the body's metabolism is being worked on. Therefore, when a person is exposed to mobile phone radiation or when sleeping so soundly, then the process of metabolism is inhibited, so that the ingestion of food or any process of detoxification of toxins in the body is disrupted.
    Given the many negative impacts sleep near the device, then from now on you each can decide, if you will still sleep near your phone with the risk of experiencing one or more of the effects mentioned above, or if you are going to start him away , so you can go back to sleep soundly and quality, all up to you.

Cucumber for the benefit of high blood

Hasil gambar untuk timunWho does not know high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a disease that affects nearly 15 million people in Indonesia and only 4 percent of them can be controlled. High blood pressure is a disease caused by blood pressure above 140 mm Hg per 90 mmHg. Lifestyle, environmental factors, obesity, uncontrolled diet, lack of exercise to stress trigger the beginning of the disease. In the modern era, lots of people want something that is practical and easy to obtain in terms of treatment. So now in addition to drugs that have been prescribed by a doctor, more and more people are attracted to the treatments derived from nature. Cucumbers are one of them. Lately cucumber has its own charm that is related to high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is one of the diseases that have dangerous risks if not controlled properly. Hence the advice to check blood pressure every two weeks is important to note. Not to mention the people who are at high risk of developing complications such as high blood pressure patients with stroke, coronary heart disease and other diseases associated with blood vessels should be more frequently to check his blood pressure. Because of the magnitude of the risks the disease is to be controlled particularly well with salty foods that reduce, avoid stress or exercise.

Memtimun itself has long been known to many people as fresh vegetables or disebagaian regions in Indonesia have made use cucumber into juice. Cucumber himself the last few years is believed to lower blood pressure or stabilize blood tekananan at a normal level. Benefits of cucumber is considered very true because the cucumber contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus that is increasing the disposal of urine with a high water content so it can lower blood pressure. Potassium contained in many fruits and vegetables and very good, especially for people who have high blood pressure. The study ever conducted in East Java with a sample of people 40-50 years old who have high blood pressure showed as many as 250 cc cucumber juice taken during the 3-day average of the samples showed a decrease in blood pressure.

Five main reason stop smoking

Hasil gambar untuk stop smokingSmoking has become a small object of the most popular. Smoking has become a way of life for many men and women, even including children and adolescents. Smoking habits has resulted in many diseases of respiratory problems to cancer. Although aware of the dangers of smoking, people around the world still continue to suck tens of billions of cigarettes each day.

The number of smokers in Indonesia was ranked third highest in the world. The number of smokers in developing countries is far more than the number of smokers in developed countries. The numbers are very alarming given the bad consequences of smoking will be felt in the long term.

The content of Sycamore Cigarettes
Any substance contained in a cigarette? Nicotine is the main substance found in cigarettes. However, more than 700 kinds of chemical additives may be used by tobacco companies to add to the enjoyment of smoking. Some materials are so toxic that several major cigarette manufacturers will usually have a high standard to dispose of toxic materials that are very dangerous.

Passive smokers can have a negative impact more dire if mereka.Selain inhaled cigarette smoke, cigarette smoke contains 4000 chemicals, including arsenic, acetone, butane, carbon monoxide, and cyanide. Cigarette smoke inhaled by smokers and passive smokers will menganduk 43 substances known to cause cancer. That's why for passive smoking can have a terrible negative impact if they are inhaled cigarette smoke.

Danger of cigarette
Any adverse consequences of lifestyle is damaging to health? Any disease that is caused by smoking? Here are some diseases and adverse effects caused by smoking:

1.heart disease
Smoking is also a major cause of heart attacks. Death of a smoker from heart disease more than deaths from lung cancer. Even low tar or low-nicotine will not reduce the risk of heart disease. Because some of the cigarettes that use a filter increases the amount of carbon monoxide is inhaled, which makes the cigarette is even worse for the heart than cigarettes which do not use filters.

Nicotine contained in cigarettes can make your heart beat faster and increases your body's need for oxygen. Cigarette smoke also contains carbon monoxide, which is poisonous. This toxic substance goes into the bloodstream and actually block the flow of oxygen to the heart and other vital organs. Nicotine can narrow the blood vessels so that more oxygen flow slow down again. That is why smokers have a risk of heart disease is very high.

2. Lung Cancer
Cigarette smoke from tobacco contains many cancer-causing chemicals. The smoke inhaled contain various chemicals that can damage the lungs. These substances can trigger the occurrence of cancer, particularly in the lungs. Lung cancer is the most common cancer caused by smoking. The spread of lung cancer occurs in the body quietly until becoming a higher stage. In many cases, lung cancer kills quickly.

3. Emphysema
Heavy smokers who have for years will develop emphysema. Emphysema is a disease that will gradually make the lungs lose their elasticity. If the lungs lose keelastikannya, it will be difficult to remove dirty air. The signs are starting to have trouble breathing in the morning and evening. So easily breathless. Another sign is often experience severe flu, accompanied by a heavy cough, and perhaps with chronic bronchitis. The cough often do not stop and become chronic.

4. Faster Old
The study of smokers showed that the faces of the men and women smokers wrinkles faster than those who do not smoke. The aging process has increased in accordance with the customs and the number of cigarettes smoked. The study showed that heavy smokers have wrinkles on the skin is almost five times higher than people who do not smoke. Even the aging process has already begun for the teenagers who smoke as skin wrinkles, yellow teeth and bad breath.

5. Body Damage
The negative impact of smoking is not only harmful to the lungs, heart, and respiratory tract. Smoking habits according to research can damage other tissues. Dozens of diseases related to tobacco use even include pneumonia (pneumonia), gum disease, leukemia, cataracts, kidney cancer, cervical cancer, and pain in the pancreas. The reason for the toxins from cigarette smoke spread everywhere through the bloodstream. Smoking causes diseases in nearly every organ of the body.

Why Quit Smoking?
Are you aware of the dangers of smoking? As a result of smoking to health body really hurt. According to statistics, around the world, the number of smokers who die from diseases caused by smoking amount to almost three times the number of people who died from alcohol and drugs. Even the number of smokers who die from the disease amounted to six times higher than in a car accident. In addition, the age of smokers is usually 13 to 14 years shorter than those who do not smoke.

After reading these facts, if you'll be like a smoker who despite having read so many horrible facts with respect to smoking and then decided to stop reading the article? Or you dare to say no to cigarettes?

Friday, April 29, 2016

10 Food and Drinks That Make Your Heart Healthy

We often read about foods to avoid in order to keep the heart healthy. Such as red meat and salt. But fortunately, there are still quite a lot of delicious foods that help maintain your heart health.

Broccoli Benefits for Patients with Acute and Chronic Gastritis

Who does not know with broccoli? Green vegetables resembling frizzy hair is indeed a favorite of most people. This vegetable in addition to delicious dishes to serve a variety of dishes, such as soup, stir fry, fried foods, etc., can also be used for a mix of other dishes such as savory snacks, and more. In addition to be used as food or food, broccoli can also be processed into a healthful beverage, such as juice. Besides having good taste and can be utilized as a variety of food, one of the charms of broccoli is to have an attractive appearance that would be tempting anyone who will eat them. Broccoli fresh green color is like an appetizing meal anyone who sees it.
Aside from the taste and appearance, broccoli is also preferred by many people because of the content of vitamins and other substances that are beneficial to health and beauty. Broccoli contains a variety of vitamins that are good for the body, so that when we eat broccoli then we will get the goodness goodness of broccoli for the health of our bodies. Various vitamin content owned broccoli is vitamin- vitamins needed by the body every day. Therefore we often see women serving vegetables to their food creations with one of his compositions in the form of broccoli. So, what is actually contained in the vegetable broccoli?
Broccoli Vegetable Ingredients
Vegetable broccoli is a nutritional content of vegetables that can be said to be very comprehensive. This broccoli vegetables contain a lot of vitamins can be beneficial for the body. The compounds contain vitamins and other substances contained in the vegetable broccoli, among others:
  • calorie
  • protein
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Carbohydrate
  • Fat
  • Calcium
  • Potassium or potash
  • Phosphor
  • Iron
  • zinc
  • Magnesium
  • vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1 or Thiamin
  • Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin
  • Vitamin B6 or Pyrodoxin
  • Vitamin B3 or Niacin
  • Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Acid
  • Vitamin B9 or folic
  • Vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin K
  • Fiber
  • Mangan
  • tryptophan
That variety of vitamins contained in broccoli that we can earn on each eat. Broccoli is also a kind of vegetables are low in calories, low in fat, and sodium. Broccoli is also free of saturated fats, high in calcium, and contains no cholesterol, so it is safe to consume for diabetics. Besides broccoli also an excellent source of fiber. Did you know that the fiber content in broccoli is even more than the fiber content in whole grain breads, and this fiber is very good for our digestion. This broccoli because they also contain high levels of folic acid, the broccoli is also very good for consumption by pregnant mothers. Then the content of vitamin C in broccoli is higher than the vitamin C contained in citrus fruit so it is good for the immune system. The impressive again, the calcium content owned broccoli is even equivalent to one glass of milk calcium so it is good for bone health, coupled with vitamin K filings.
That some of the content of substances and vitamins contained in the vegetable broccoli. A lot is not it? Since a lot of vitamins contained in vegetables broccoli, the vegetable is broccoli has many uses and benefits. So what are the benefits or benefits we can get when we eat vegetables broccoli?
Benefits of Vegetables Broccoli
Vegetable broccoli is a vegetable that contains many health benefits to the human body. In each we consume broccoli, then we will get kindness kindness. Generally. some of the benefits of vegetables broccoli, among others:
  • Lose weight
  • Preventing heart disease
  • Maintaining healthy eyes and skin
  • prevent constipation
  • Preventing cardiovascular disease
  • Controlling blood pressure
  • Maintain bone health
  • preventing depression
  • preventing cancer
  • Boost immunity
  • Reduce the production of stomach acid and prevent the onset of ulcer disease
sponsoredThat's some of the benefits that we get from eating vegetables broccoli. In addition to the benefits above, there are many benefits that can be obtained from broccoli. Of the various benefits owned by the vegetable broccoli, one of the benefits is to prevent ulcers. So what exactly are the benefits of broccoli for heartburn?
Benefits of Broccoli for Ulcer Patients
Broccoli is known as a vegetable that has efficacy in patients with ulcer disease. In Japan, experts in the country found that eating 70 grams of fresh broccoli every day within a period of two months to protect the human body from bacteria associated with stomach ulcer disease, gastric infection, and even stomach cancer. Sulforaphane in broccoli are also known to increase the production of enzymes in the liver FASI II. This type of enzyme capable of holding materials carcinogens produced from the compound prokarsinogen and take it out of the cell. The content of Sulforaphane in broccoli is capable of triggering enzyme in the stomach, thus providing protection against free radicals that can damage DNA and cause inflammation.
In addition to ulcer disease, broccoli can also treat other disorders of the stomach. Based on recent research more specific, stating that this broccoli reduce the risk of a variety of gastrointestinal disorders such as gastritis, gastric infections, and possibly the most dangerous is stomach cancer. Then, how to we get the benefits of broccoli, as already mentioned earlier? Whether by eating it directly or with certain ways?
Before starting to eat broccoli course, we need to know and choose which broccoli is consumed and which are not. Actually all the broccoli is good for consumption, but there is broccoli the most good for consumption, namely dark green broccoli and coarse-textured clear.
Then to enjoy broccoli we can enjoy it with a variety of ways. If we are people who love food that is fresh, then we can eat broccoli directly or with mencamprkannya with other vegetables as fresh vegetables, or could also make a salad. But if we do not like broccoli raw, we can also enjoy it in the form of fresh juice. Now that the benefits of broccoli for ulcer patients. From now try to eat broccoli to maintain the health of your stomach from ulcer disease.

Honey Benefits for Patients with Stomach Acid High

Ready who do not know honey? Yes, honey is one of the foods that are favored by many people because it tastes sweet. In addition, honey is also suitable for use as a complementary dish of food, such as cakes or bread, cookies, puddings, until masakan- heavy dishes such as honey roasted duck, and so forth. In addition, honey is also very often used as an ingredient to make the drink will taste better when using this honey. Honey is also no less tasty when eaten directly. The sweet taste will make people love it, especially children. This is one of the main attraction of this honey so many people like honey.
Besides having a good taste and are also suitable for use as a supplement or a mixture of various foods and beverages, is the appeal of other honey is because the properties were great. From the first honey is known as having a high content of vitamins for the body. This honey has exceptional properties much so that many people who use honey as a natural medicine to treat or prevent certain diseases. Things like this is not a secret anymore. Much of the information we get is stated that honey is a material that has a myriad of benefits. Then, whatever the substance or vitamins contained in this honey?
Vitamin and Other Substances in Honey
Honey is known since antiquity as an efficacious drug for curing danmencegah arrival of various diseases. Honey is usually combined with other ingredients to create a potion that is efficacious for health. Some of the content contained in honey include:
  • Carbohydrates: 82.4 gm
  • Sugar: 82.12 gm
  • Dietary fiber: 0.2 gm
  • Protein: 0.3 gm
  • Water: 17.10 gm
  • Riboflavin or vitamin B2: 0,038 mg
  • Niacin, or vitamin B3: 0.121 mg
  • Calcium: 6 mg
  • Iron: 0.42 mg
  • Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5: 0.068 mg
  • Vitamin B6: 0,024 mg
  • Folate or vitamin B9 as much as 2 ug
  • Vitamin C: 0.5 mg
  • Magnesium: 2 mg
  • Phosphorus: 4 mg
  • Potassium: 52 mg
  • Sodium: 4 mg
  • Zinc: 0.22 mg
  • Energy: 300 kcal
That is the content of various substances and vitamins contained in honey. A lot is not it? Thus the honey is very beneficial for our health. On this occasion we will highlight the benefits of honey is related to gastric acid.
Honey Benefits for Patients Stomach Acid
We have seen before this bahwamadu have a variety of benefits for the body and one of them is to reduce the production of stomach acid in the mouth. But apparently, this honey is not only able to reduce gastric acid production in the mouth only. Even honey is predicted as a very good medicine for people with stomach acid. namely by turning it into a drink.
According to research from Columbia, honey that is converted into the drink by mixing it with warm water can be the best beverage for people with stomach acid. As quoted Livestrong, researchers considered that the benefits of honey for people with stomach acid can help reflex acid that causes heartburn and helps soothe irritation in the esophagus. Researchers stated that the viscosity of honey may reduce symptoms in gastric acid.

Honey Benefits for Health

Honey is a natural substance that can be used as a remedy for various diseases and also could provide health benefits for our bodies. Vitamins and also a variety of substances contained in honey is able to provide a positive impact on our health. Some of the benefits or the benefits we will get from eating honey, among others:
  • Honey is proven to treat a persistent cough and sore throat.
  • Honey has antibacterial properties.
  • Honey is able to clean the blood and has a positive effect on blood circulation
  • Honey has antiseptic properties that are good for treating burns, infected surgical wounds.
  • Honey can heal ulcers.
  • Honey can be digested by the most sensitive stomachs Yag and helps the kidneys and intestines.
  • It increases appetite.
  • Honey reduces excretion of stomach acid in the mouth, so as to maintain oral health.
  • Honey has a low calorie content, making it suitable for someone on a diet.
  • Honey can help the healing process to make it faster.
  • Honey can treat a wide range of allergies.
  • Honey can reduce pain in the abdomen.
  • Honey can eliminate blackheads
  • Honey is able mencegar diarrhea and other stomach problems.
  • Honey can ease pernafasa disease, etc.

7 Benefits of Lacto B in Children and Toddlers

Every mother would want her baby to be healthy and grow well. Each mother was sure to feel responsible when their children suddenly exposed to any diseases that. The mother certainly will try to heal his son with a variety of efforts. One of the most common disease in toddlers is diarrhea. This disease is indeed seems simple and unremarkable. But when a baby feel this disease, she felt very uncomfortable with the disease and will be bad for the baby if the disease is never cured.
Many ways to cure an infant diarrhea, ranging from some of the drugs available in the market until then brought him to the doctor. There is one cure for babies from diarrhea problems. The drug is lacto b. Lacto B is a probiotic. It behaves just like vitamins which have uses one of them is diarrhea medicine for toddlers. Here are some brief explanations of the benefits of lacto B in children:
1. Protecting the digestive system
The main benefit of this is to protect the probiotics digestive system. Because in this probiotic, it has substances that are good for the health of human digestion. That is why he has a primary function as a protector of the digestive system itself.
2. Inhibits harmful bacteria
Inside Lacto B is contained Lactic Acid Bacterial which has the ability to produce organic acids. Organic acids produced by Lactic Acid Bacterial usefulness to inhibit harmful bacteria in the intestine. In addition, when the growth of harmful bacteria that may be delayed, then he will be able to make the balance of flora in the intestines.
3. hydrolyze lactose into glucose and galactose
In the lacto B, in addition to containing lactic acid bacterial that I mentioned earlier, it also contains lactobacilli. This element is capable of producing beta-galactosidase enzyme capable of hydrolyzing lactose into glucose and galactose.
4. Reduces lactose intolerance
Probiotic Lacto B is also able to reduce lactose intolerance or the simple explanation is diarrhea caused by consuming milk formula containing lactose. Lacto B have the benefit of this kind.
5. Balancing Intestinal Flora
As I mentioned in the first point of some of these points, lacto b can make the balance of flora in the gut. This allows for lacto b contain vitamin B which is good for the body and intestines.
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6. Helps normalize the function of the GI
One of the other functions of the lacto B is to help normalize the GI function related to human digestion.
7. Optimizing growth in children
In the treatment of diarrhea using lacto B, doses should be given to children when they wanted to take this medicine is based on how old your child. If aged under one year, then you can give it only 2 sachets per day. But when you have a child between the ages of 1-6 years, you can give 3 sachets per day.
Likewise, when your children want to consume it directly, then you can give directly. But if your child does not want to take the medicine directly, you can mix with the food to be eaten by your child or mix it with milk.
It should be noted! This drug is a drug which helps normalize digestion and not replace fluids in the body of your baby. Therefore, your baby should still be given drink intake enough so his health is maintained.

Excellence Lacto B for Diarrhea

There are several things that make Lacto B into probiotics are recommended for your toddler is being affected by diarrhea. Here are some of the advantages of Lacto B:
  • more Manjur
According to some women who have tried out these drugs in children, lacto B is more effective to cure her of the pain suffered diarrhea.
  • It feels good
The taste of Lacto B is quite good. It is sweet and can be mixed with other foods. This of course makes it a mother to make her take this medicine without having to force him to take the medicine.
  • Practical
Lacto B is shaped sachets and small. So it can be taken anywhere for urgent conditions who need help on this drug.
Similarly, some of the benefits of lacto b. how consumption, the recommended dose, up to an excess of lacto B itself. Basically, a healthy body begins with a healthy life as well. So if you, the mothers want your child is not sick, you need to promote a clean and healthy life so that your children awake from bacteria that harm the body and health. Good luck and stay healthy!

Banana Leaf Benefits For Skin, Health, and Packaging

Banana is a plant that is beneficial to health. Not only fruit that can be used to maintain skin health and meet the body's nutritional, banana leaf also has many benefits. Here's the full benefits of banana leaves for the health of your skin.
Ingredients Fruit and Banana Leaves
banana leaf Bananas contain carbohydrates that can provide satiety longer in the stomach. In addition to containing carbohydrates, fruits also contain minerals and vitamins that are high enough such as vitamin C, vitamin E, high calorie, potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, and other nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, carotene, amino acids, to vitamin A . not only the fruit that contains a high nutrient content, but the leaves also contain natural ingredients works to maintain healthy skin.
The content of banana leaves is the highest content of allantolin whose role is to update the layer of dead skin cells on your skin. Material antioxidants can neutralize toxins in the body until it contains anti-inflammatory substances. Therefore, if you want to know the benefits of banana leaves this collection, immediately refer to the full review in the continuation of the following discourse.
1. As Herb Medicine Luka and Dandruff
Banana leaves contain natural ingredients that can heal small cuts in your skin. Not only heals wounds, but in banana leaves is also beneficial untukmengobati skin disorders such as dandruff, sunburn and eczema. To make potions banana leaves, you only need to make a fresh banana leaf extract juice and gradually use in curing skin disorders such. Soak in cold water if you want to treat burns the skin affected by sunburn.
2. Medicinal neutralization Poison Insects
Often get poisonous insect bites? Banana leaves have medicinal properties that can neutralize toxins from insect bites such as bee and spider. This is a natural remedy that can eliminate natural toxins and high in antioxidants prevent skin from adverse environmental effects. Skin irritation and rash rash can be cured quickly using this herb banana leaves.
3. Medicinal Beauty Skin
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Banana leaves contain active ingredients allantolin are used as a mixture of beauty creams. The content allantolin fairly high in banana leaves is beneficial to cure skin irritations, inflammation, hinga kill germs. By leveraging the benefits of banana leaves allantolin of this, the skin can increase skin cell growth stimulation latest.
4. Medicinal Natural Inflammation
Babies have sensitive skin types. Thus, the selection of baby care products porters should also be chosen with care. If the baby's skin irritation or inflammation occurs, you can choose a banana leaf as a natural ointments that contain natural substances healing skin problems baby. Just mix it with olive oil and beeswax, you can cope with diaper rashes and insect bites. In addition, a mixture of banana leaves, comfrey, and cayenne pepper can be used to remove the scar on your skin, reduce bleeding, to itching.

Are there other benefits?

Other benefits banana leaves as various wrapping foodstuffs, pastry, to a variety of vegetables and cuisines across Indonesia.
For a variety of cake recipes and cooking is not counted its kind that utilizes banana leaves as a wrapper that will add savory food and dishes of your cake. Here are some foods that use banana leaves to wrap it up.
  1. Cake
  2. Grilled fish cake
  3. Pepes fish
the benefits of banana leaves There are many other processed foods utilizing banana leaves, in addition to the external banana leaf body functions very much. Why do people use banana leaves to wrap the pastry and cuisine? very fragrant aroma of banana leaves to add to your savory dishes.
Well, this is the description of the content of a banana leaf along with bundles of banana leaves benefits of an active role in maintaining the health of your body. Heal wounds, insect bites, until the irritation can be cured by concocting potions banana leaves is because it contains allantolin, high antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances to natural, safe for the body.

14 Health Benefits of Bananas Gold Share

Fruit is one of the foods that are liked by almost all people, both children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Besides having good taste and natural fruit also provides many benefits for health. One type of fruit that is favored by many people is bananas. Banana is a fruit that has a sweet flavor base. In addition, bananas are also a type of fruit that is widely used as a specific food preparations so if tired of eating bananas directly, bananas can be made as certain refined cuisine.
Speaking of bananas, bananas consists of several types, including plantains, bananas kepok, daughter bananas, banana gold, and so forth. Broadly speaking, all kinds of bananas is the same, the difference may be just the size, taste a little different, and several other criteria. On this occasion will be discussed further on one type of banana, the golden banana.

banana Gold

Golden banana is one type of banana that we often see its existence. Golden banana (sometimes referred to as banana muli) is a type of banana which has a small size with a diameter of 3-4 cm. Gold banana skin is thin and has a bright yellow color (more yellow than bananas Lampung). The meat taste of the golden banana is very sweet and has a distinctive aroma. Usually the golden banana is widely served as a dessert.
Nutritional content Pisang Emas
Like most fruit in general, the golden banana is a type of fruit is healthy and is also rich in benefits. This is due to the golden banana fruit contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to the body, include:
  • Carbohydrates. Bananas contain gold from 21.0 to 33.6 grams per 100 grams of carbohydrates. Where carbohydrates in gold banana include glucose, sucrose, and fructose.
  • Minerals. The mineral content contained dlam golden banana among others potassium (potassium) and iron. [Related article: the benefits of iron ]

Benefits of Banana Gold

Golden banana is a fruit that is very beneficial to the human body. Various benefits that can be obtained from the golden banana, among others:
1. Healthy digestive tract
Golden banana is a type of fruit that contains a lot of fiber. This fiber is very good for digestive health so eat bananas gold can help nourish the digestive tract and protected from various kinds of digestive disorders.
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2. Improving kidney function
Gold potassium in bananas can control expenditure calcium in the urine and these conditions will help the kidney function remains healthy and functioning properly, and will reduce the risk of kidney stones.
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3. Reduce high blood pressure
High content of potassium and low sodium in the golden banana is an excellent blend to prevent high blood pressure, and can reduce the risk of stroke.
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4. Increase energy
Golden banana is a fruit that contains a lot of carbohydrates so that the consumption of this fruit regularly will increase the energy in the body.
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5. Healthy vision
Gold eating bananas regularly every day it can nourish the sense of sight. Overcome visual impairment is associated with age. These benefits can be obtained by eating bananas gold at least 3 servings of fruits each day.
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6. Preventing recurrence of ulcer disease
For someone who has a history of ulcer disease, by eating bananas gold helps reduce ulcer recurrence. It is because of this golden bananas have a natural antacid effect that is very useful to overcome the symptoms of heartburn.
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7. Maintaining balance of potassium in the body
The condition of stress can deplete the amount of potassium in the body. With gold eating bananas on a regular basis, do not have to worry about the risk of running out of potassium in the body. This is because bananas contain a lot of potassium gold so that the body will always obtain potassium intake. The potassium content can also provide a calming effect on the mind sometimes being saturated or too late.
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8. Strengthen bones
Golden banana is a fruit that contains prebiotic called Fructooligosaccharides that serves to make our body more easily absorb nutrients. This indirectly will let the body absorb calcium easily. Thus we will be stronger bones.
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9. Overcoming anemia
This golden banana is a fruit that contains a lot of iron, vitamins, and minerals with high levels. Various contents will serve to prevent and even treat diseases lack of red blood cells or anemia .
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10. As a facial cleanser and also nourish the skin
Besides meat golden banana has many benefits, the golden banana peel fruit, it is also have properties. Gold banana skin useful for cleansing the skin and exfoliate the skin that has been damaged and die. The way to do that is by rubbing the inside of the banana skin on the face and let sit for approximately 45-60 minutes. Do this treatment daily to get maximum results.
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11. Help keep the mood
Golden banana besides have tangible benefits for the health of the human body (physical), it is also useful to create a better mood. Golden banana is one fruit that contains tryptophan, the amino acid that helps the body to produce serotonin. The existence of this serotonin will help a person gain a sense of comfort, calm, and also stabilize mood or mood naturally.
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12. Addressing and treating constipation
Previously been explained that the golden banana contains high fiber so that it can nourish the digestive tract. When digestion is healthy, it will be kept away from the disease so that the process of defecation constipation can run smoothly.
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13. Moisturizers face
Merupkan also golden banana fruits that contain health benefits. If earlier it was said that gold banana peel can be used as skin care, then this time the gold banana meat can be used as a moisturizer on your face. This is the adapat menfaat obtained for beauty skin. The trick to making this golden banana meat as a mask.
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14. Keeping the skin brightness
Masks made from banana fruit pulp gold in addition to having the ability to moisturize the skin, it also has the ability to make the skin brightness level awake.
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That's some of the benefits that can be derived from bananas gold, both when we consume, and when processed into certain materials that can be taken directly benefit. Some benefits are also not obtained from the fruit, but also from the skin of a banana gold. This indicates that the golden banana is a fruit that is rich in benefits.

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