9 Getting Rid of Headaches

 Cause of death can come from anywhere, the most common disease often experienced by many people is a headache. Symptoms of these headaches can vary, headache was no variety, no headaches gripping, no headache that feels just next door and there are headaches until you feel up to the neck. Tips headache treatment you can do in a natural way. Fortunately in Indonesia there are many traditional drugs alone can be mixed easily by you. Ways it is fitting for you to try if you experience frequent headaches, because the real headache is a pain that is reasonable, but if too often attacked, then the headache is also still need to be wary of. Because where know the headaches that you feel it is one of the signs of other diseases that you experienced, and therefore when you are too frequent headaches should immediately consult your doctor to find out what caused the headache that too often it is. 

Getting Rid of Headaches

Cara Menghilangkan Sakit Kepala

1. Water

Plain water is a very effective natural ways to cope with a headache. Therefore when you get frequent headaches then try to consume more water. Better water you drink the water you cook. Of course, you also need to ensure that water will cook hygiene, water should be odorless, colorless and tasteless. After that you need to cook the water until boiling.Compared to bottled mineral water, the natural white water that you cook yourself a natural way that best headache treatment tips. 

2. Bananas

The banana turns out to be one of the traditional medicines that are very effective in treating headaches. This fruit makes your head to be more fresh and free of headaches because of the many vitamins in it. Be diligent eating bananas every day then you get rid of the headaches that are attacking you. If every day you have banyal activities and often are outdoors, then try to increase the consumption of bananas every day. With so head pain that often strikes you could soon be eliminated immediately without any side effects. 

3. Boiled Potatoes

Headaches can not attack you when your blood circulation is not smooth. Therefore try to use a variety of natural ingredients that can improve blood circulation. One of the natural ways that you can use to expedite the flow of blood. The boiled potatoes are easy to make so that you can easily use it as one of the tips in dealing with the treatment of headache. Potatoes contain a lot of potassium so it would be very good for the head pain that often strikes you. 

4. Ice Cube

In this case the ice cubes are not used for consumption. But ice is an excellent treatment tips for coping with headaches. It could be a headache you feel it because you are too often exposed to the scorching sun as a result of your activities are too often being outdoors. The natural way to use ice cubes can be used in a way to compress the ice cubes into your head or to the head area that feels pain from headaches. However, you can coat the ice cubes with a cloth so that ice does not feel sore feels in your hand. 

5. Fresh Fish

Traditional medicine more easily you can use to treat head pain is fresh fish, especially fresh fish that contains omega 3. Fish such as tuna and salmon is a natural way which is best used when you often feel a headache. Disease-causing headaches you feel it too must you find out immediately so that you can avoid a wide range of disease-causing headaches at other times, so you no longer have headaches. Because after all the headache is very disturbing if not immediately treated. 

6. Watermelon

By the time you get headache could be your experience because you lack of fluids in the body, therefore in addition to consuming lots of water, you can also consume a variety of fruits that contain lots of water as a natural way to cope with a headache. One of the fruits that contain lots of water is watermelon red. You can eat watermelon directly if you have a headache, you feel a headache when the weather is hot, then the watermelon can be one very powerful treatment tips. 

7. Breathe of Fresh Air

Then you may get a headache because of your lack of oxygen, and therefore when you feel a headache try to get out and breathe fresh air. If you are indeed frequent headaches, try to breathe fresh air every morning. You can take your time in the morning while jogging around your home to be able to breathe fresh air in the morning, because the air in the mornings usually are unspoiled and still a lot of pollutants. If you do a lot of treatment tips to breathe fresh air then over time you can certainly really recovered from frequent headaches you experience. 

8. Enough Sleep

You often experience headaches then try to maintain your health by maintaining your sleep patterns. Normally, you should be able to sleep in the day as much as 8 hours, and therefore that you do not often get headaches, then try to keep your sleep. Do not stay up too often because it can make you feel a headache. Head pain too often can be harmful for your overall health. 

9. Warm Honey Tea

For tips on treatment of headaches later then try to consume warm honey tea to cope with head pain that you feel. Warm tea have been very good to use head and body aches especially when sweetened with honey, the efficacy of honey it can be more than doubled to treat headaches. Tea warm honey will further relieve your headache because of a sense of warmth that can help you in your nerves relax stiff. Thus it often to consume honey warm so you can be free from the headaches that often you feel. 


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