How to Take Care of Skin Body BEDTIME

Caring for the skin does need to be done by everyone. The skin is the organ most large that need to be given more attention.
Before going to bed, one of the routines is often done to clean the skin. But in addition to the facial skin, skin care other body parts should not be missed.When sleeping, the skin cells regenerate faster - repair themselves from damage caused by pollution, sunlight, stress and work to restore lost moisture. Therefore, the habit of treating the skin of the body before sleep is very important.How do I take care of the skin before going to bed?There are several ways to treat the skin of the body before sleep you can do, among other things:BathMake sure you are in a clean state before sleep. Therefore, when you take a shower before going to bed, use soap berpelembap to your skin always healthy and well groomed. Bath before bedtime can reduce stress after a day of activities and prepares the body for the resting phase.Moisturize the bodyIn addition to using berpelembap soap, apply also lotion berpelembap to your entire body 10 minutes before going to bed. Do the massage movement so that you can be more relaxed and make it easier to sleep.Then, give extra attention to the following areas:leather neckWhen using serum or facial moisturizer, do not forget to apply it also in the neck. Like the skin of the hands, the neck skin including the part that is thinner than the surrounding parts. This makes the skin more prone to dry and neck wrinkles.leather footSeveral times a week, rub the toes and heels with lotion or cream containing lactic acid to help exfoliate dead skin cells and skin of the legs hard. Then, cover again with regular lotion to taste. Then, use thin socks while sleeping. However, you need to remember to not do this every day to keep the skin condition is not too damp. Because the skin is too moist conditions can trigger the development of fungal infection in the foot.Hands and nailsThe use of hand lotion or cream moisturizer before bed is more effective than in the day. This is because during the day we will touch various objects that require us to wash hands frequently. Therefore, apply moisturizer on the skin of the hands, fingers and cuticles (epidermis) of your nails before going to bed.


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