Why Should Not Eat Or Drink While Standing?

shutterstock_195215243 (2) copyParents sometimes advises us not to consume any food or drink while we stand. Indeed, sometimes we are too lazy to look for a chair if the food we consume is just a small snack or simply drinking a glass of water. After all, there are few family events buffet that also makes us eat and drink with the stand, is not it? Well, other than with regard to ethics and decency, especially when in front of an older person, eating and drinking with the stand was indeed not good for health. How could this happen?
When we stand, the body made strenuous efforts in maintaining balance and stability. This means, if eating or drinking in a standing position, the body is in a relaxed condition to make the process of digestion. In some cases, the walls of the intestinal or stomach could be injured because of the food and drink that will directly hit the digestive organs. In addition, some of the nerves that are around the intestines to control the digestion process can also be damaged if left unchallenged, then we may experience fainting or even sudden death!
Health experts said if the digestion process it would be better to work if we were in a sitting position. By eating or drinking in a sitting position, the digestion process will also run slowly, slowly, and the nutrients will be absorbed perfectly. If we for example have a drink with his feet, then the liquid will immediately fall to the bottom of the digestive tract like the stomach or intestines, which can cause digestive function problems in the future.
With a drink in a sitting position, then the liquids we consume will still have time filtered by such formal muscular structure is referred to as sfringer before passing into the filtering system in the kidneys. If we stand, then the liquid we drink will not have time filtered beforehand so that it can trigger the deposition of a variety of hazardous waste contained in the ureter. Seeing the facts iin, it's good we ate and drank with sitting condition and in a state of calm, is not it?


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