10 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Beauty Women

There are so many natural oils that nourish and also can enhance the look of your day-to-day. One of them including coconut oil.
Coconut oil, which is made from coconuts and used as milk, cooking oil instead of yellow made from palm oil.
Coconut oil, which is also called kletik oil, known to be an effective material to use daily care from head to toe.
You can apply the use of palm oil in several ways, as quoted from Michelle Phan:
1. Removal of cosmeticsApply coconut oil on the face, then wipe gently lifted up cosmetics. Then, rinse it clean with water. To remove eye makeup, wipe with a circular direction in order to clean while avoiding entry of the rest of cosmetics into the eye.
2. Hair SoftenerUse coconut oil as a basic ingredient of hair mask. It aims to soften hair at a time to moisten. Remember, apply oil to the ends of the hair strands. If you have oily hair, avoiding the scalp once exposed. Let stand for 30 minutes or can be used as long as you sleep until the next morning. Rinse the hair using shampoo and conditioner as usual.
3. The shaving creamIf you do not pick the shaving cream, you can utilize coconut oil. This is particularly useful for owners of sensitive skin. As a result, you will get the skin soft and protected from infection in case of injury.
4. Overcoming frizzUpset with her hair always disheveled and rarely tidy? Well, just apply a little coconut oil to the hair stubborn. Besides neat, hair will appear more healthy glow.
5. MoisturizersEfficacy humidity owned coconut oil is very good for those who have extra dry skin. Especially for dry skin on the body such as knees, elbows and feet. Use coconut oil instead of body lotion daily.
6. Caring for your nailsWhen the nails are already starting to look dry and unkempt, use coconut oil to improve these conditions. It would be better if you mute the coconut oil overnight to protect it using gloves. Experience for yourself the results the next day!
7. Body scrubsTake advantage of coconut oil along with other natural ingredients to make a body scrub that can pick-up of dead skin cells. One option that is a potent mix of body scrub coconut oil with brown sugar. In addition to a clean and smooth skin, you will also get the skin healthy and free of bacteria and fungi.
8. Scrub faceOccasionally, the use of coconut oil with a little mixture of baking soda to exfoliate or removal of dead skin cells. This will help brighten the face and makes it look more fresh and well maintained.
9. Eye creamTo give softness in the eyes, apply a little oil around this area. Coconut oil will help disguise wrinkles and make skin softer and brighter eyes.
10. Wash the faceSome people have tried to replace regular face washing soap with coconut oil. Many of them feel the results of the face smoother and brighter. But of course, you should pay attention to the type of skin before completely switching to fully use coconut oil.
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