6 Steps to Having a Healthy & Beautiful Skin

Every woman wants beautiful skin. However, what is the definition of beautiful skin is? Beautiful skin is healthy skin, well-groomed, and can make a person feel comfortable and confident. That definition can not be done instantly and overnight. To achieve this, of course, required special measures undertaken to regularly and carefully.
So how can we have a healthy and beautiful skin? Here are 6 special measures, 3P - 3T can realize a healthy and beautiful skin that has been done by women with healthy and beautiful skin:
1. Routine Care which Thorough
Wash your skin twice a day. Do not be too often because it can interfere with the skin's natural oil layer, but also not too uncommon because it can make the skin dirty and dull. Make sure that all the makeup, sunscreen, moisturizer, and any material that is applied to the skin in the morning or afternoon cleaned before bed at night.
2. Use the Soft Soap
Use a gentle soap that contains moisturizing enough for the skin. Avoid perfumed soaps contain excessive because it can cause skin irritation.
3. Moisturizers
Use a moisturizer immediately after bathing in order to provide optimum effect in keeping the skin moist. Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type in order to give the right effect.
Here are some other tips for healthy and beautiful skin.
4. Specify Balanced Nutrition
Determine the food that enters the body is important because a lot of the food we eat affects the health of the skin. Foods high in antioxidants can prevent aging. Foods with a high water content such as fruits and vegetables can help keep the skin moist. Foods rich in vitamin A may help protect the skin from the sun. Foods with fat content also is needed to keep skin supple. Make sure your nutritional intake varied and balanced so that skin health can be maintained from various aspects.
5. Diligent Exercising
Research shows that women who exercise regularly have more skin supple, healthy and youthful.
6. Sunscreen
Use sunscreen correctly. Although you are more active in the room, but if your room has a glass-glass translucent sunlight (ultraviolet rays), be it an office, the room in the car or indoor kitchen, you still need sunscreen.
Just as the heart, brain, liver, stomach, and kidneys, the skin requires attention and care. So, do not underestimate the proper skin care in order to remain healthy and beautiful skin


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