Which Makes Faster Fat? Rice or Instant Noodles?

9131988144_a975e949a6_kMany nutrition experts that says if we have to be very clever to manage your diet, especially in terms of eating rice and instant noodles. Both of these foods can indeed be a quick solution when his hunger strikes. However, behind the second satiates this food, there are so many calories that certainly could make us experience the problem of obesity. Actually, that would be faster Which makes you fat, rice or noodles?
We certainly need to do a comparison of rice and instant noodles with the same weight. Typically, one package of instant noodles will have a net weight of about 70 grams and contains at least 370 calories. At equal weight, white rice contains only 91 calories. This means, instant noodles have a calorie content that is much higher than rice, which is about four times as much. This means, instant noodles will be easier to make our bodies to be heavy when compared with white rice. For this reason too many health experts still recommend white rice with a balanced combination with other rice, but not for instant noodles. These foods are considered very unhealthy to be consumed frequently because in addition to fatten, there are other makers of materials that are less healthy for the body.
The problem is, there are many people, especially young children who often stay up late at night will choose instant noodles warm and delicious to eat to beat hunger. In addition to instant noodles themselves, we also often mix other ingredients like sausage, eggs, corned beef or even which of course will add calories we consume so that the risk of obesity has increased sharply.
However, we also now need to be smarter in managing the intake of white niasi every day because if we consume too much rice, we can also have a risk of developing diabetes, especially if we include people who rarely move. Its own health experts advise to balance the carbohydrate content of rice with other foods rich in protein and vegetables and fruits every day so that the body will remain healthy and free of dangerous diseases


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