How to Treat Eye Hospital With Traditional Natural Way

4How to make drugs puffy eyes, how to treat an eye with traditional natural materials, the materials or leaves what can treat an eye? Have you experienced pain in the eye, I am convinced that everyone must have felt the pain in the eye, whether it was limited to pain, tenderness or even worse so as to make the eye becomes blurred.
The cause sore eyes were mostly occur due to allergies, infections, or lack of fluid in the eye that lead the eye to become dry so that the eye sore. It also looked at the object of focus or too excessive and rarely winks can cause dry eyes so that your eyes stinging, this usually happens when a person is or is too long at the computer, playing games and watching television, so forgot to blink. Now with frequent winks lubrication process will occur in the eye so that it can avoid the dryness that makes the eyes red and painful.
In addition to the above factors eye pain can be caused by lack of sleep, lack of nutrition are also weakening the immune system or that frequently occur due to seasonal eye pain even contagious. Such eye pain biasanay outbreak and spread from person Keyang others. This kind of incident often occurs in the family or group who interact often or often direct eye contact. This type of eye disease Java people call it disease or beleken belek you already feel? It felt incredible pain in the area around the eyes, dizziness, watery too. Belek types of eye disease would take quite a long time about two weeks to a month sometimes not recovered depends on the type of treatment will be undertaken.
The following traditional medicines treat for sore eyes:
1. Take some betel leaves, wash them clean and re-add sensation solikit buslah with salt until boiling.
2. Seteiah the lifting of perapaan and wait until cool, then strain it all by using a clean cloth.
3. Use filtered water to wash the affected eye every day three times, if you diligently do it, surely you are suffering from eye diseases will get well while not too severe


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