Super Foods for Healthy Skin Wrinkle Free

The skin acts as a barrier between the external environment with the internal (body) therefore play an important role for protection against mechanical damage, chemicals, microorganisms, or damage due to ultraviolet.
What about the health of your skin? Do you begin to notice wrinkles on your face? Did you know that eating certain foods can help reduce skin wrinkles? Nutrition has an important influence on skin health.
Try to include some of the following foods in your daily diet can help to reduce skin wrinkles based on studies that have been done:
Green and yellow vegetables
Study in Japan showed that consumption of green and yellow vegetables significantly reduces wrinkles on the skin. The content of antioxidants in vegetables may reduce skin damage from free radicals. Spinach, celery, and asparagus are some examples of vegetables that have been studied to reduce wrinkles on the skin.
Salmon and other fish is an important source of protein. Protein is necessary for the formation of perfect skin. In addition, fish is also a source of essential fatty acids omega-3. Omega-3 can help reduce skin wrinkles.
Nuts have researched can melinndungi skin from damage.
In addition, some foods that should be avoided to prevent wrinkling of the skin faster are:
Milk and milk products
Red meat
Products containing sugar.
We are what we eat! Our skin health is very dependent on what we eat. So, start closer attention to what we eat and drink.


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