Know more cyst disease in women

shutterstock_128571875 copyEvery woman in this world can not be separated from a disease called cysts because the presence of the disease is closely related to the reproductive organs in women. Cyst in the medical world, more specifically called an ovarian cyst is a disease that accounts for the prevalence of women become infertile. The ovary (ovarian) itself is an egg-producing organs in women which will be fertilized by the sperm to produce a baby. Each woman has two ovaries on the right and left were the size of a walnut. Each ovary contains thousands of young ovaries and each month will be enlarged and one of them very quickly swell up into a mature egg and sperm ready to be fertilized.

Ovarian cyst is a benign form of tumor that grows on the right or left on the ovaries. Because generally benign, cysts can grow hidden and often can not be detected for several years. Benign cysts do not cause pain and rarely cause menstrual disorders, but if enlarged can provide discomfort. The types of cysts that vary depending on ferocity. Cysts are most in women suffering is a benign cyst with a size of less than 5 centimeters so that it can shrink itself after 2 to 3 months and rarely causes people to become infertile (infertile). But cyst malignant (neoplastic) generally causing trouble conceiving mothers and almost all of this type must be in operation for the removal of the affected ovary.

To menentukkan cyst is benign or malignant is included it is necessary to distinguish checks. Preliminary examination in the form of a physical examination abdominal area is where the difference is most notable difference is a malignant cyst will provide an overview of sufferers in the form of belly bulge filled with liquid. Follow-up examinations to do is examine ultrasonography (USG), binoculars (lapaoskopi) to CT scan or MRI. The conditions that we must address immediately went to the doctor with suspicion towards cyst disease, such as severe pain throughout the menstrual time to cause nausea and vomiting, irregular menstrual cycle each month with a mens sometimes longer or shorter, so many year difficult to get descent, enlarged abdomen but did not feel the baby inside until foreign lump on the side of the abdomen.

The most important thing in the treatment of cysts is immediately consult a doctor, especially a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology for the disease can be enforced. And that needs to be underlined every woman beriko cysts, but not all cysts can cause infertility.


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