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Step Cure Pain When Haid. Most of the women who had experienced a menstrual period or there must be a feeling of menstrual pain and pain extraordinary that this would greatly disrupt the activity being undertaken. Pain during menstruation is happened because didnding contractions in the uterus that cause the blood vessels and then sandwiched timbllah tissue ischemia. That contractions that cause pain when menstruation.


Nyeri Haid
Well, that sense of menstrual pain can be eased and recovered there are several ways you can do such as:

1. Drink Special menstrual pain medication

Lots of pain medication for women who are menstruating have been circulating a lot around us. The content of the drug is an analgesic to relieve pain and reduce fever antipyretics to use appropriate doses. Make sure meminu this medication in accordance with the rules in order not to harm the health, do not forget also if you buy ditiko or diapotik first check the expiration date.

2. Drinking turmeric, tamarind

Turmeric, tamarind is a traditional herbal medicine made from natural ingredients that have long demonstrated potent efficacy to cure menstrual pain and is a basic ingredient of the drug is sold in the market. If you buy turmeric this acid in powder form and you only need, but if you want to make it yourself then you can find the material traditional market in an affordable price only. How easy is to scrape the last several sections menanbahkannya turmeric with a little water, then squeeze the juice mengabil. After that add a little brown sugar and tamarind and boil until boiling. Then lift and have a drink in the warm.

3. Warm compresses

If the flavor is not bearable anymore, you can warm compress the lower abdomen and other areas that are painful. The trick is to attach the bottle filled with warm water or use a towel soaked in warm water and gently massage accompanied by lembutpada painful part. Compressing aims ntuk can improve blood circulation and makes the muscles in the abdomen becomes more relaxed so painful menstruation becomes more reduced.

4. Shower with warm water

Shower with warm water can make the body become more relaxed sehinggra menstrual pain can be reduced slowly and gradually disappearing.

5. Wear loose clothing

Very tight clothes will be very disturbing comfort especially when menstruation and painful ang perceived is remarkable. Should wear clothes that are even loose so you can feel comfortable when menstruation and does not interfere aktifitasmu in moving.

6. menungging

The next step is to cure menstrual pain with menungging. This is done so that the uterus sapat depend downwardly so that aid the body in relaxation.

7. Get enough rest

The next step is to rest enough. Standard adequate rest is about 8 hours of sleep. This bed can neutralize pain maupn the pain felt when menstruating. Do not force yourself still indulge when they are sick because the consequences are not good for health.

Ways that have been discussed earlier is a step recommended in women, especially those who frequently experience menstrual pain whenever it comes the time of menstruation. If the means had not been able to cope with menstrual pain that is felt, then beronsultasi and check a doctor is the best way.


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