8 Tips to Prevent Yeast Infections in the Foot

Fungal infections today many attacking people with a high activity level. Therefore, the humidity factor becomes an important point to be kept in mind for those who have a high activity level.
Why humidity important factor to be kept in mind? You need to know, mushrooms are very pleased to grow in damp places, such as the legs.
For those of you who like to wear your shoes and likes to do outdoor activities, consider the health of your feet. Do not let your foot fungal infection that makes your activity becomes disturbed.
Because the use of shoes in the long term is very susceptible to fungal infection foot, or in medical terms is referred to as tinea pedis or Athlete's foot.
Fungal infections such as it was rather difficult to cure. In addition to requiring a long time, you also have to be really disciplined to avoid precipitating factors of fungal infection in the foot, such as humidity.
Symptoms that can be caused by a fungal infection that can be itchy and smelly feet. In addition, this fungal infection can also cause abnormalities in the skin of the foot, such as redness, peeling skin, thickening of the skin and bumps filled with fluid.
To avoid the occurrence of a fungal infection in the foot, you should first keep your feet clean. Here are some tips that you can do:
Use shoes or sandals are comfortable to use. Try to use socks to absorb sweat effectively so your feet do not damp.
Use cotton socks are thin so it can more effectively absorb sweat
Do not wear the same shoes every day, give time for your shoes to rest. Jemurlah your shoes in the sun to dry thoroughly.
When bathing, wash your feet up to the toes using soap and running water. After the bath, dry the feet up between your toes until completely dry.
Avoid using socks or closed shoes when feet are wet / damp.
When the feet sweat a lot, change your socks more often.
Always try to wash socks that you use every day, or if you want to reuse. Jemurlah socks that you wash in the sun so that the socks are in dry and damp conditions when it will be used.
Avoid to borrow socks or shoes belonged to someone else. This is done to avoid the possibility of contracting a fungal infection.
By applying the eight tips to prevent fungal infection in the leg, you no longer need to worry about the fungal infection on the foot that threaten you. Good luck!


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