Yarn interested Want to Grow? Used to Know Benefits and risks

Planting yarn is a minimally invasive procedure performed with the aim to rejuvenate the skin.
Categorized as a minimally invasive procedure because it does not use a scalpel tools, thread embedded in the skin with the help of a needle. Special Yarns "embedded" in the skin in order to stimulate the formation of collagen so skin looks firmer.
This action is relatively easy with the healing process is relatively short, thus planting the thread can be an option to get a younger face without having to go into the operating room. Effectiveness and how long the effects last depends on the selection of yarn, the area of ​​skin covered, skill work, as well as the initial condition of the skin.
Just like other invasive procedure, risks that may occur include:
This action involves the conductor thread the needle as a medium. Needle inserted in the skin certainly can cause pain or tenderness. But usually to reduce pain, before the action has been given pain-relieving ointment.
Inflammation (swelling, red)
Reaction swelling and redness occurs because the inflammatory process due to a pinprick. Usually this is a temporary reaction pascatindakan.
The entry of the needle into the skin can be an entry point for bacteria or other infectious agents. Infections that occur can cause prolonged pain, pus arises, until scarring. It is usually minimized by always using sterile needles.
Scarring is a wound healing reaction pascatindakan abnormal. Unfortunately, the risk of scarring on a person can not be established beforehand, but it can be estimated through anamnesis if ever there is a history of a previous scar tissue. Therefore, information about previous medical conditions need to be explored properly before the procedure to minimize side effects, in addition to ensure the procedure is done properly, correctly, and sterile.
The sensation of a foreign body
Special yarn placement within the skin will indirectly cause a sensation in itself. But usually these sensations will disappear with increasing time, and not everyone is complaining about the same thing.
Changes in facial shape has become one of the goals of the act of planting this thread. But instead of getting the desired face shape, possible risk of asymmetric shape of the face. Therefore, make sure the selected expert is skilled, experienced, and communicative.
To ensure maximum results, the skin condition before action also needs to be taken. A healthy lifestyle for example the consumption of nutritious foods and additional supplements, exercising regularly, avoiding tobacco and alcohol, adequate rest will help the healing of wounds pascatindakan be better.
So far the related report of side effects is relatively low yarn planting and mild, but there is always a risk of action. The important thing is to beautify themselves even if the decision is the right of every individual, but you should consult in advance with experts on the basis of your medical condition so that the benefits and maximize results.


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