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http://klikdokter.com/uploads/news_article/Ciri-Wanita-yang-Pernah-Melakukan-Hubungan-Intim.jpgTo find a woman had sex or not, one of which can be carried out checks on the hymen or hymen.
The hymen is a thin membrane that is near the vaginal opening, the center hole so that the menstrual blood to escape.
In fact, female hymen can be torn, though not intercourse, namely because of the accident, activities such as horseback riding, gymnastics, cycling, use of tampons, masturbation.
In fact there are also women who do not have a hymen. The hymen can be torn without pain, or accompanied by bleeding.
Therefore, although an intact hymen indicates that she was a virgin, but that is not intact hymen does not mean she is not a virgin. There are also circumstances in which women have sex, but himennya still intact, called the hymen is elastic. Because the concepts that need to be used here is virginity is lost when someone intercourse.To find out if the hymen is intact or not even though they had never had sex can actually be checked themselves, namely by using a mirror. However, it is difficult and should be done by trained medical personnel. The general practitioner can check by looking at the front of the pubic direct / vagina.As explained above, that the hymen can be torn without bleeding then intercourse on the first night does not always have to be accompanied by bleeding.So referring to your question, about the characteristics of women who have had sexual intercourse, there is no physical difference that can be observed to determine whether the woman is a virgin or have been intimate.


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