6 Ways to Overcome Stress Due to Job

In conjunction with the work, everyone must have experienced stress. The arrival of the deadline can accumulate, problems with work friends, and so on. Here are some simple ways to deal with stress that struck:
1. Exercise regularly
Research shows that exercise can improve one's health both mentally and physically. In addition, exercise can cause chemical changes in the brain that can improve mood.
2. Laugh
How often do you laugh in a day? With a laugh more, you can soothe stress, increase heart rate, and blood pressure. Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins and dopamine in the brain, the hormone that makes people happy.
3. Telling people nearby
When under stress, the instinct to be alone usually appear. In fact, the best thing you can do to cope with stress is to not internalize it. Berceritalah about your problems to someone you trust, so the burden will be slightly detached.
4. Yoga
Yoga movements have a myriad of physiological and psychological benefits, such as improving the ability to concentrate, lowered risk of depression and anxiety, and insomnia. You can try it yourself at home or in a yoga class.
5. Enough Sleep
Sleep is the time when a person's brain and body recharge. Therefore, the quality and amount of sleep obtained will affect your mood, energy levels, concentration and overall body function.
6. Listening to Music
Relax for a while in a place that is not too crowded, and then turn on the music. Choose music that is soft and meditative to cool down.
In addition to these methods, you can also take a multivitamin to maintain the stamina to remain stable. Some elements such as L-Carnitine is useful for fat burning in the metabolism of the body and converted into energy and maintain a healthy body; BCCA (branched-chain amino acid) can help to build protein in the body; VITAMIN B1, B6 and B12 are also able to help maintain nerve cells.


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