5 Habits Cause & Dry Sensitive Skin

Caucasian dream of every woman is healthy skin, white and clean. To get it, every woman will perform a variety of ways. But sometimes, always appearing on the skin problems ticks, one sensitive and dry skin.
There are many factors that make your skin becomes dry:
The habit of bathing with hot water
Shower with water that is too hot can scrape oil on the skin faster than water bath with room temperature.
Lazy habit of drinking water
Less water can lead to dehydration which leads to skin kering.Seringlah drinking water, especially if you are in air-conditioned room.
Lazy habit of healthy eating
Research shows that by eating healthy foods that contain omega 3 will help fortify skin's natural oils.
Habits elderly
Organ function decreases with age. In old age, the formation of substances elastin to maintain skin elasticity will be reduced.
Smoking habit
Substances in cigarettes can damage collagen tissue that serves as the skin's elasticity.
The solution to overcome sensitive and dry skin is to use a soap that contains ingredients gentle cleanser and ¼ moisturizing milk and pH balanced. Moisture serves to maintain the water content of the skin so it does not become dehydrated. Skin moist, supple and pliable.


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