Chewy Face Skin Tips and Fresh

The face is our asset that needs to be taken care of properly. If the facial skin supple and fresh, our looks will look much more attractive. Certainly more comfortable looking at facial skin glow rather than face the dull, is not it?
Take the hard work, here are some tips that you can do to keep the skin supple and fresh:
Clean your face using a moisturizing soap and clean water.
Water and soap aimed to remove oil and dirt from the surface of the face. But keep in mind, our skin still requires a layer of natural oils in order to maintain moisture so it remains supple and soft. Therefore, avoid using soaps that are too harsh, too alkaline (high pH) because it can damage the skin's natural oil layer which consequently causes the skin to become dry. Choose a soap that has the cleaning power but it also contains a moisturizer that in addition to clean dirt, skin moisture maintained.
Wash your face with soap is done 2-3 times a day.
The more often we wash your face does not necessarily give better results. It turned out pretty face wash 2-3 times a day to keep the skin fitness. Too often wash your face with soap can actually cause the skin to become dry due to the irritating effects of soap and water accumulative itself.
Use facial moisturizers to taste that suits your skin type face.
In order to keep the skin supple and fresh, use a moisturizer, it is necessary so that the skin becomes dry. But keep in mind, tropical and high humidity environments such as in Indonesia to make your skin greasy and easy to sweat. Choose water based moisturizers and mild. Avoid being too thick and occlusive nature because the risk of causing acne on the face.
Choose a cosmetic product that is proven safe
The rise of the cosmetics industry to produce variety of cosmetic products exceptional. Always choose the cosmetic products are proven safe and is made by the responsible agency.
By knowing some of the tips above, hopefully we can keep the facial skin is always fresh and supple so that makes us even more attractive appearance.


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