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Monday, April 25, 2016

Efficacy / Benefits Betel Leaves Green And Red For Body

Who does not know with betel? Had always granny our Indonesian people is strongly associated with the culture of "nyirih" him. Betel itself has many types. There betel red, green, and black. Each with different benefits. Similar but not the same. Betel itself is already of long trusted by our ancestors to be a treatment alternative that can be used for all kinds of diseases. It is also likely to create a culture of "nyirih" itself to strengthen teeth and gums that turned out to be successful.

The trick is to mix betel leaf, betel leaf, cardamom, areca nut, and gambier. Then, all rolled in betel leaves and chewed, or rubbed on the teeth to change tooth color. Afterwards, rinse with water and discarded. The result is a constantly teeth and gums in good condition. Yet the timing of the ancient yet modern equipment as it is now.
manfaat daun sirih hijau merah

The fundamental difference of betel betel vines known as the color of the leaves is possessed. Red betel leaves have a reddish color. While green betel leaf has a fresh green color. While black betel leaf has a blackish color. Among the three types of betel, there are two of the most popular. The second most popular is the benefits of green and red betel leaf . In this article we will consider two types of betel only: green and red betel betel.

- Benefits And Benefits Betel Leaf Green

Green betel leaves have a light green color light. Green betel-known by the Latin name Piper betle Linn .. green betel included in the family Piperaceae. Ordinary green betel vines on other plants. However, green betel can also propagate in the ground. Green betel rich in essential oils, phenyl propane, estragol, kavicol, hidroksikavicol, kavibetol, caryophyllene, allylpyrokatekol, cyneole, cadinene, tannins, diastase, starch, terpennena, sesquiterpene, and sugar. The content of essential oil on a green betel and also some of them make the green betel as a good antifungal.

Green betel has the following benefits:
  1. Treating vaginal discharge - a form of treat vaginal discharge This occurs because antifungal green betel has the ability to kill the evil germs in femininity.
  2. Treating toothache
  3. Treating gum swelling
  4. Pest sprays
  5. treating canker sores
  6. Eliminate unpleasant mouth odor
  7. Treat dengue
  8. Streamlining menstruation
  9. Eliminate body odor
  10. Treating eczema and skin diseases
  11. Stopping a nosebleed
  12. Cleaning eye
  13. treating diarrhea
  14. Mengibati asthma
  15. Treating strep throat
  16. Treat burns
  17. repel insects
  18. Slow down the aging due to the antioxidant content
  19. Overcoming constipation
  20. Reducing inflammation
  21. Troubleshooting penafasan
  22. treating coughs
  23. Treating back pain
  24. Eliminate acne and scars

- Benefits of Betel Leaf Red

Red betel commonly encountered in the forest that are not too tight ecosystem. Red betel rich in oil fly (betiephenol), volatile, seskuiterpen, starch, hidroksikavikol, kavibetol, allylprokatekol, tannins, diastase, sugar and tannic substances and kavikol that have deadly germs, aktioksidasi and fungicides, anti-fungal. see also findings Efficacy And Benefits Soursop Leaf A Very Profitable

Red betel has the following benefits:
  1. Overcoming whitish  
  2. treating diabetes
  3. Eliminate body odor
  4. Eliminate bad breath
Most likely, there is still much unknown about the red betel leaves are heart-shaped at the top of this. This is because they are very scarcity of research by experts who use red betel as objects. In contrast to the efficacy and benefits of betel leaf green has terjabar neatly and generally known.

How to Use Daun Sirih

Both of these varieties have almost the same benefits. Processing required for both was the same. Just do decoction technique only to be used as a medicine in. Mechanical stew is done by entering a few pieces of betel leaf into several glasses of water to boil the amount of water losses. After that, boiled water that has been shrinkage was drunk. As for foreign drugs, the technique used is the betel membalurkan to the outer parts of the sick. Either by being crushed or otherwise after only put it.

The above exposition certainly shed new light for us about the possibility of a nice herbal medicine in the benefits of betel leaf red and green. We stayed only preserve it. Especially famous betel leaf has been propagating freely everywhere. The time required to prepare all purposes the use of betel leaf itself is also fairly short and does not take much.

Efficacy of betel leaf green and red today it has grown to be one of the alternative medicine and herbal processed commercially in bottled form. But still, betel leaves which have been processed have some disadvantages. Among the weaknesses is that the betel leaves are processed fairly expensive and it was mixed with other chemicals. As a result, betel extract possessed in every bottle fairly small.

Nonetheless, the use of betel in bottled form somewhat better than using chemicals. So, make sure you use betel regularly in any form. Do not forget to visit The benefits of Moringa leaves .


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