Best meal replacement rice for diabetes patients

6330547994_d93843b889_bThe incidence of diabetes in the world is currently in the spotlight because it increases every year. The main reason people with diabetes continues to increase is difficult to control the food that is eaten daily. Especially for the people of Indonesia, rice is a staple food that is hard to get a replacement. It feels incomplete if you do not eat rice. But many diabetics who are not aware that the rice is not consumed regularly. This is because white rice has a low glycemic index (GI) is quite high, 88 to 89. The glycemic index is a unit which states the sugar contained in the food. The higher a GI of course this has an impact on the increase in blood sugar levels.

Proverb mention every disease has a cure. Likewise, rice, there are certainly more healthy substitutes. Here are the healthy foods substitute for rice we need to know together.

1. Brown rice

If white rice is not good for diabetics, it is different with brown rice. Red rice is a rice meal replacement that is quite advisable. This is because brown rice has a low GI is only 50. In addition to control sugar levels in the blood, brown rice is also rich in fiber and vitamin B. Fiber serves to increase the sensitivity of cells to receive the hormone insulin so that it can be converted into energy. While vitamin B can meet the daily vitamin intake.


Cassava is a source of complex carbohydrates that have a GI value below 55. Not only that, the same as brown rice, cassava is also rich in fiber that can lower cholesterol levels in the body jahar. Cassava easy management will be the main attraction as a food substitute for rice.


Although not as popular as cassava or taro brown rice also has an enormous vitamin content. GI contained in taro white rice are also below 65. The content of the taro are proteins and carbohydrates. Besides being able to control blood sugar, taro can also prevent the risk of heart problems and stabilize blood pressure. Taro boiled without any additional free from cholesterol and thus has a good effect for health.


Food was the last that can be used as a substitute for rice is potatoes. Kendang able to produce energy such as rice, but the content of his clearly below the GI of rice. The best way to process the potatoes are steamed or boiled in order substances protein, minerals and vitaminya maintained


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