Why We Should Not Brushing Too Hard?

shutterstock_272586185 copyOne mistake quite often done by most people when brushing the teeth is to brush your teeth with a bang. There is an assumption that develops in a society where if we are too soft in brushing teeth, then the debris and food scraps will not be lost and cause various diseases of the teeth and mouth. Whereas, in reality brushing teeth too hard can make teeth suffered enamel abrasion which will be increasingly eroded.

Health experts who heads the Indonesian Dentists Association, namely drg. Farichah Hanum, Kes said if brushing too hard will erode tooth enamel and if this continues to be done, then the teeth no longer have good protection so prone to sciatica. In addition, brushing with hard it will also make the teeth become more sensitive considering the dentinnya will be open. If this has happened, then we will experience a sense of pain, especially when consuming hot drinks, cold drinks, or even a certain kind of food.

Drg Hanum itself stresses the importance of brushing teeth with the right techniques and regularly after meals and at bedtime. Remember that using a soft-bristled toothbrush and brushing way that is not too hard without excessive pressure is enough to make the teeth are clean of debris and food scraps. In addition, tooth brushing should be done thoroughly, front and rear, as well as various side so all the rest of the foods that can trigger the problem of tooth decay and dental problems and other oral health could be avoided.


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