Calcium rich foods than milk

shutterstock_282369509 copyMany people think if milk is the most important provider of calcium that is needed by the body. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy milk as a complement to the daily intake every day. In addition, there are people who have lactose intolerance that had difficulties for drinking milk. Fortunately, calcium not only be obtained from milk. We can consume some foods that contain calcium we need for the health of the body such as the following.

The first foods rich in calcium and can we get is broccoli. Green vegetables have relatively high calcium content. Noted, 50 grams of broccoli, we can get 30 mg of calcium. But can be used as a side dish, broccoli can also be healthy snacks that can be consumed every day. In addition to broccoli, green leafy vegetables contain many other atalah calcium spinach. Every 100 grams of spinach itself turns out to have 150 mg of calcium. Spinach itself would be so delicious we make is eaten with fresh vegetables. Other vegetables that are rich in calcium are pok choy little has about 80 mg of calcium per cup.

In addition to vegetables, calcium can also be obtained by other foods like tofu, fish salmon, or even sesame seeds. Salmon that tastes delicious itself has been known to have a lot of calcium. In each 6 ounces of salmon, we can see 181 mg of calcium, in addition to calcium, salmon also have vitamin D. Besides salmon, sardines also has a lot of calcium. In three ounces of sardines that we eat, we can get 325 of calcium, especially in her bones.

In addition to fish, fisheries, tofu also contains calcium which is quite a lot. In every 100 grams, tofu can provide 500 mg of calcium. Red beans and sesame seeds also have a lot of calcium which can consume. In one tablespoon of sesame seeds, we can get 160 mg of calcium. Meanwhile, red beans with a rate of at least one cup has 78 mg of calcium. With no amount of food that we can maximize as a source of calcium a day, we did not need to bother if not consume milk, is not it?


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