Dandan errors that Can Make You Look Older

Makeup is a woman's best friend. The use of makeup is believed to conjure a face that initially seems simple becomes beautiful girl.
However, there are some things you need to consider before daub makeup to your face. Instead appear more beautiful, one-one you actually look older than their actual age.
Here are some common grooming mistakes made by women:
Using a foundation that does not match the color of the skin can make you look older - either too young or too old. When you use foundation younger, you look pale and like using a mask. But when you use foundation older, your face will look dull.
To obtain the appropriate color of foundation, try to wipe a little foundation on the edge of the jaw. Look at where the closest color of your skin tone.
Dark colored lipsticks that are trendy among young people will make an appearance at the same luxurious look mature. But if you've stepped on the head of four, using the old color lipstick instead will make the face look "more mature", lips smaller, and less broke. The point is to make you look older.
It is advisable for you to apply lipstick color is younger and brighter. If you wanted to use a dark lipstick, you can work around this by using a creamy textured lipstick (not matte). Alternatively, you can add lip gloss in the middle that makes lips look chapped.
The use of eyeliner that frames the eyes can make the eyes more lively and assertive. But if you only use eyeliner on the bottom of the eyes, it will make you look older. If you only want to use eyeliner on the one hand, always wear on the upper eyelid - this way, you can minimize mistakes grooming can make you look older.
Blush on
Using the wrong color blusher will make your face look older. Using dye cheek contouring old with intent - if used incorrectly - will make the face look dull. Meanwhile, blush for cheeks that are too young can make the face look pale.
To choose the color of blush can make the face glow, pinch your cheeks and match colors. Or, consider the color of your face turned red when finished exercising.
As we get older, your eyebrows will tend to be dwindling. Eyebrows that looked "bald" or thin can make your face look even older. Hence, framing and fill your brows with a brow pencil or brow wax is very important.


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