Beware, Stress Can Trigger Skin Problems

Stress is something that is often felt by almost everyone in their lives. Stress causes chemical response in the body that causes the skin to become more sensitive and reactive. It can make skin problems become more difficult to recover.
Why is that? This is because, when the stress the body produces more of the hormone cortisol and other hormones which commands the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. This can result in acne and skin problems following each other.
In addition, stress can also cause other effects on the skin. Another impact of stress on the skin is the appearance of dry skin. Dry skin can appear because of the hormone cortisol that is released can reduce the production of hyaluronic acid - which is the skin's natural moisturizer.
In addition, the cortisol hormone also stimulates an increase in blood sugar levels which would result in the destruction of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are proteins that keep skin elastic and smooth. Moreover, the state of strained muscle when a person is under stress will also cause permanent wrinkles.
Actually, what is the relationship between stress and skin?
Stress and skin is a bond that is very close and very difficult to be separated. Call it acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, alopecia (hair loss), vitiligo and other skin problems closely related to psychological conditions. Special attention is manifested in science "psychodermatology" which explains the emotional impact a person against his skin.
Research shows that at least 30% of patients with skin disease has basic psychological problems even tapped on their initial visit to the dermatologist. But on the next visit, the problem can generally be known so that the impact could be very significant in the progress of healing of skin problems.
Stress can aggravate skin problems that have occurred. Emotional stress can make chronic skin disease relapse and may result in an endless cycle of so-called "itch-scratch cycle". When stressed, you should not use any beauty products, because it will increase the skin problems that occur.
Although to avoid stress is something that is not exactly easy, but there are several ways to relieve the stress that occurs. Some of these ways, among them:
Do not ignore your condition, especially the condition of the skin. Keep keep your condition, especially the condition of the skin, with good despite being in a state of fatigue or stress.
Exercising on a regular routine. Besides being able to relieve the stress that occurs, the sport is also very good for keeping the skin condition.
Enjoy the "me time" you.
Walk around the neighborhood. Try to find shade, green, and away from the noise so you can enjoy the atmosphere so that the stress can be reduced.
Exercise stress management techniques, such as breathing exercises, yoga, or meditation.
Enough sleep, ie for 7-8 hours every night
Dare say no to restrict something in order to reduce the possibility of additional stress.
Chatting with others. Seek support from friends for support in order to reduce the stress you experience.


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