How to Overcome Pornography Addiction

  • Addiction to pornography is a real problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Just like any addiction, pornography addiction can destroy lives. Fortunately, the same as other addiction, the addiction can also be overcome. Here are 6 steps to help you or a loved one beat addiction to pornography.
    Addiction is hard to overcome. As a society, we are making it more difficult to create a negative sign for who has overcome his addiction. Pornography is no different, and yes, pornography is addictive.
    Millions of people around the world trapped by their basic instincts, without being aware of what to do to get out of it. There are 6 steps that are developed to help people overcome this addiction:
  • Ready to face difficulties

    We all have difficulties, and generally we know the difficulties that faced. Be aware of what the difficulties and prepare yourself. When you prepare, you will realize when you are trapped in this matter. This will give you the opportunity to face your problems instantly.
  • Understanding your body

    It sounded a little odd, but it is important. Learning to understand what your body is saying. Recognizing emotions and how you feel on the inside. Try to understand what your emotions. For most people who are trying to overcome an addiction, they generally start to feel negative emotions are declining rapidly for several days before they recur. Listen and understand your body is a skill that takes time to learn, but this is an important step that you should do.
  • Responsible

    This is a difficult step; This means that you take responsibility for your actions. You also need to take responsibility to resolve your difficulties. Do not blame others for the selection or your situation. When you take responsibility, you will begin to understand yourself better, which will make it easier to control your passion.
  • Recognize your triggers

    This means that you need to understand what makes you tempted. In other words, recognize what drives you get in trouble it. Socrates said "know yourself". How many of us really know and understand ourselves? The whole of this step requires you to be familiar with yourself and understand the things in your life that contribute towards your addiction. Be honest; Do not let embarrassment or denial keep you from improving your life.
  • fortify yourself

    Once you have identified your triggers, prepare yourself to be able to overcome temptation. How many people do vary. Anyone listening to music, out of the house and enjoy nature, exercise, or read a good book. Go around yourself - at home and in the workplace - with a variety of things, such as drawings, paintings, gifts from people who love, the stuff that makes you laugh, or help you commemorate something very meaningful, will also be useful for you and help you overcome your desire.
  • Control in your hands

    Remember, the control is in your hands. In other words, control your life and difficulties, do not let yourself be controlled by them.
    When we actually run those steps, we will be stronger and will be able to handle whatever we face.
    Translated and adapted by Effian Kadarusman of the original article "How to Overcome pornography addiction" works of Russell C. Gaede PsyD.


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