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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Recognizing the importance Cleanser Used

Cleaning the face is one way to care for the health and beauty of the face. However, instead of a clean and healthy skin can be problematic if you choose a facial cleanser that is not appropriate.
Activities clean face and body has been known and done several thousand years ago. Ranging from prehistoric times, where people use pieces of bone and stone and plant extracts to cleanse the skin - to use a soap that was first discovered by the Sumerians in 2000 BC.
Soap Reasons Why it is Important
Clean your face with just water alone is not enough. After a day of activity, pollution, dust, and stick to the face of cosmetics that not all water soluble. Thus, it would not be optimal if only clean the face with water.
This is where the soap is used to lower the surface tension of the skin so that dirt, oils, cosmetics, germs, until the dead skin cells can be raised by either of the face. However, the selection of the right soap to cleanse the face is necessary in order that the natural state of your skin can be properly maintained.
Types of Facial Cleanser
There are 4 types of facial cleansers, namely soap, synthetic detergent (syndet), antibacterial soaps and cleansers are free of fat. Here's the explanation:
Soap contains alkaline pH so excellent in cleaning grease and grime. However, the soap also "clean up" the natural oil that serves as a protective skin. This causes the skin to become dry, itchy, flaking, and prone to irritation.
Synthetic detergent (syndet)
Synthetic detergent (syndet) is a cleanser that contains less than 10% soap. This type of facial cleanser has a pH similar to the skin's pH that is more friendly, even for sensitive skin. Because it contains a bit of soap and has a pH similar to the skin, these types of cleaners are not harmful to the natural oils face. However, cleaning this type can remain effective in cleaning the dirt.
Antibacterial soap
Antibacterial soap is a combination of soap with antibacterial ingredient. This soap is beneficial to eradicate germs that are harmful to the body. However, an antibacterial material contained in the cleaning of this type can also disrupt the balance of good bacteria in the skin. This potentially makes the skin becomes dry and irritated.
Fat Free Cleanser
Fat-free cleanser is gentle soap-free cleanser that is safe for sensitive skin and skin problems. Although rinsed with water, cleaning this type will leave a protective layer on the skin that makes the face feels slippery and damp. Thus, this type of cleaner not only cleans but also protects the skin.
Choosing the Ideal Facial Cleanser
Not all types of facial cleansers that are sold freely on the market is good for your skin. There are types of cleaners to clean the dirt well and were left feeling rough in the face. But be careful, rough and clean taste is not what we want.
When the skin feels rough and tight, that's a sign that your skin's natural oils have been eroded by the soap. So, how to choose a good facial cleanser?
Facial cleanser should be able to clean the dirt and cosmetics stuck to the face well. In addition, the product also must be able to keep moisture face. Generally, a good product that has a pH corresponding to the pH of the skin, ie, 5.5, and does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate surfactant types that are hard, but contains sodium laureth sulfate softer.
It would be better if it contains a moisturizing cleanser, so as to keep the skin moist despite frequent washing your face. In addition, a good cleanser is a cleanser that contains no fragrance or ingredients that are irritants.

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