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Friday, April 22, 2016

6 Ways to Maintain Fitness at the Office people who feel lazy to do a little exercise while in office, but little movement in the office would reduce complaints of fatigue.

Too long sitting and staring at a computer screen can make the body 'evaporate'. As a result, your body feels weak and achy. The condition can be severe with the intake bertampah lunch accumulate.

According to research conducted at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta, Canada, explains, those who work behind the counter started at eight in the morning until five in the afternoon must have often complained of stiffness in his back and stiff on the muscles of the body.

The other complaint is not due to the habit of working sitting too long can lead to blockages in the blood vessels. To overcome this have to do moderate exercise movement is usually done in the office.
Good posture is straight, shoulders pulled back and the top of the monitor should be at eye level.
If you have to look at the monitor toward the bottom or the top, it is necessary to adjust the height of the chair so aligned. As well as the wrist is not hanging over keboard or mouse pad.
Avoid positioning stooped posture, especially if you do it too long.
If it is difficult to do, make sure you use a bench that features the posture of supporting a healthy spine.
Every now and then do stretching in the office, in order to maintain the flexibility and at the same time the process of muscle relaxation. How relaxation is good and right?
Stretching exercises are done to the arms, legs, neck and chest can be done while seated as follows:

Neck: slowly move the neck up and down, and from side to side a few times.
Shoulders: rotate left and right shoulder fore about 10 times. This can help release tension from the shoulder. As for the arm can be a way to widen the hands shoulder-width apart, then stretch.
Wrists and feet, circled the wrists and feet every hour. Put on a wrist and ankle clockwise, then in the opposite direction. This can help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, especially if spending a lot of time typing.
Chest: if often bent over the keyboard. Open wide shadow, then rotate the wrists externally (thumbs up and down position) and then pull the shoulders back.
Stomach: can stretch by pulling the abdominal muscles and menajannya was for many seconds and then release.
So what else can be done in the office to keep fit?
Try to stand up every half an hour, walking around a bit. It helps blood circulation so normal. When you are at lunch, do not remain seated in front of your computer to check Facebook or shop online.

But try to use the time to burn extra calories.

You can walk, jog (if possible), or go to the gym for a moment. When you exercise, your body will release endorphins so you'll be more relaxed and not stressed anymore.
Shift the focus and attention of the computer screen every 30 minutes or so to see other sights, such as windows, clock, table or around the object. This helps reduce eye movement and eye irritation and headaches.

Or you can do eye relaxation and massage with closed eyes in a way to relax for 30 seconds.

Try to avoid glancing into the dazzling scenery as far as your eye wrinkling.

Try to breathe deeply using your abdominal muscles, hold for a few seconds when the abdominal breathing and then release simultaneously with the exhale.

If possible try to breathe fresh air outside the office for a while, because it's good for the lungs and mind.

This is in addition to aid relaxation can also simultaneously provide benefits to your body for more fresh.

 If the water intake is obtained with enough then it will make a person more alert. Therefore do not be lazy to recharge the water, but can get enough water is also good for the sport legs simultaneously. 

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