5 Ways To free Home Pollution

In big cities, pollution is a major problem. When out of the house, you will be greeted by exhaust fumes, dust, dirt, and harmful free radicals. As a result, the skin becomes dull, dirty, and acne. Moreover, plus exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause skin becomes wrinkled. (Read: Danger Sunlight Against Skin)
But be careful, not only the pollution out of the house. Pollution was in the house. Dust, smoke, dirt that accumulates on the air conditioning, aerosol sprays containing pollution in the home can have a bad impact on your skin. In addition to the face so dull and dirty, pollution can make premature aging of the face. (Read: Skin Against Pollution Hazards)
It is difficult to avoid pollution. But you can prevent this by:
Wisely choosing home cleaning products that contain natural ingredients.
Clean the house from dust. It is advisable to clean the dust off by wiping rather than just swept. If using a vacuum cleaner, and select which to use HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Air) filter.
Make sure there is ventilation in the house so that no air exchange.
Prevent cigarette smoke in the house.
Routine skin care for hands and face. For the face, it is recommended to wear a nurse products containing activated carbon in order to absorb impurities from pollution on the skin.
Now, with precautions like this, you not only protect yourself but also the whole family.


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