15 Toothache Traditional Medicines Made Easy

Traditional of natural ingredients such as herbs or plants.Accompanied how to cope with dental pain without drugs.

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Toothache is pain that occurs in the area around the teeth and jaw due to the damage caused by several things. According to the expert, toothache is one of the mild symptoms of heart disease and stroke. Therefore, you should be a little wary if now experiencing this problem.

Pain in the teeth makes people unable to sleep soundly and have an effect on headache , irritability due to the circumstances surrounding the rowdy, and can not mempusatkan attention on one goal. In many cases, toothaches are caused by tooth decay, can cracks, porous, or gum disease.

The cause of toothache is the most common is the presence of bacteria on the teeth over time can create cavities. But in some cases not only toothache caused by dental experience problems, but infected gums or swelling also 'successful' brings pain in the jaw or teeth.

Toothache medicine

Most people get the advice of a friend or family member to treat toothache by gargling warm water and use salt . Actually, how to cure a toothache is not entirely successful, in fact in some cases there were made on dental pain more severe and throbbing. It happened because some people are sensitive toothed.

Therefore it is advisable to choose one of several options following traditional dental pain medication, then live a natural medicine regularly to get the pain quickly subsided.

1. Leaves Dry inggu
Ingredients: 2-4 grams of dried rue leaves and 2 cups (medium size) of clean water.
Getting treatment: Boil dried rue leaves into a pot filled with 2 cups water to boil. Strain water from the leaves, and wait for warm and use the concoction to gargle several times.

2. Coconut Shell Oil
Ingredients: Coconut shell that has been split in two and cotton taste.
Getting treatment: Take a piece of coconut shell, and then burn the oil. Take coconut oil using a cotton swab, then put on the aching tooth. After that you will be surprised by the reaction of these drugs fast enough, the pain in the teeth will be gone in just a few minutes.

3. Betel Leaf and Clove
Ingredients: Betel leaf and cloves to taste.
Getting treatment: Boil the two ingredients, then use water to rinse several times. If you are not able to make this herb, mouthwash from a mixture of cloves and betel leaf can be purchased at the market.

4. Garlic
Ingredients: Garlic (1 point).
Getting treatment: Peel the outer skin of the garlic, then mash until smooth. Paste the impact of garlic on the outer tooth pain.
Getting treatment 2: Wash the garlic with warm water. Chewing raw garlic for a few minutes, then remove and bacteria that cause tooth pain will die.

5. Clove Oil
Ingredients: Clove oil to taste.
Getting treatment: Use clove oil by way of shedding it on the sore tooth using cotton or a cotton bud (taped-paste). Once the pain goes away (approximately 30 minutes), then rinse with warm water.

6. Sunflower
Ingredients: Sunflower (50 grams), ginger (5 grams), and clear water (600 cc).
Getting treatment: Ginger and sunflower seeds boiled in 600 cc of water until the water boils and the remaining 300 cc. Strain the cooking water and drinking this herbal remedy toothache while warm.

7. Asam Jawa (Healer Coral Dental Medicine)
Ingredients: tamarind seeds to taste.
Getting treatment: Frying without oil (toasted) tamarind seeds, after it was pounded until tender. Enter tamarind seeds that have been refined in a cloth, and then rub on untreated cavities.

8. Seed Distance China
Ingredients: 1 egg Chinese castor beans and 1 cup hot water.
Getting treatment: Minced or mashed castor beans china until completely smooth, pour in one cup of hot water and stir. Filtered water, cold wait, the last use water to rinse.

9. Leaf Clove
Ingredients: clove leaf to taste.
Getting treatment: Wash leaf clovers, seelas brewed in hot water, then crushed clove leaf.Use a cloth to squeeze clove leaves are smooth, and then paste the result of cotton in the water squeezed. Paste and rub the cotton on the sore tooth (cavities).

10. Warm tea (without sugar)
Ingredients: One cup of hot tea without sugar.
Getting treatment: Use the tea water to rinse several times, then allow 15 minutes.Afterwards put a used tea bag to relieve inflammation of the gums.

11. Cabe Rawit.
Ingredients: Cayenne pepper to taste green or red.
Getting treatment: Mashed cayenne pepper, then pour in hot water. Kenai cotton with steeping water cayenne pepper, then paste on the aching tooth. It could also be to rinse.

12. Gum Distance
Ingredients: castor oil plant sap taste.
Getting treatment: Apply a drop little by little sap within the cavities, or can also use a cotton swab to be inserted in cavities.

13. Roots Meniran
Ingredients: Root meniran (5 grams).
Getting treatment: Clean root meniran, then chew using the aching tooth. Afterwards rinse with plain water, and rest.

14. Roots Watercress
Ingredients: A handful of watercress roots and 1/2 teaspoon vinegar.
Getting treatment: aliri (clean) water spinach root, then boiled in a glass of water and add 1/2 tsp of vinegar. Water boiled already somewhat cooler used for rinsing.

15. Serai
Ingredients: Citronella or betel (40 grams), boiled water (2 cups).
Getting treatment: Boil all the lemongrass in 2 cups of water to a boil and reduced water glass. Use of these drugs to rinse daily until toothache is gone.

How To Overcome Dental Pain Without Drugs

  • Clean the tooth pain using a toothbrush with paste that is suitable to relieve the pain. If after a couple of minutes have not healed well, there could be leftovers squeezed in cavities. Use a small stick or toothpick to remove impurities that slip on the hole or around a tooth, then rinse.
  • Massage or sequence the temples (sore tooth position) from front to back (front ears) using a scented oil that is not for a few minutes until the pain disappeared slowly.
  • Paste tongue on the aching tooth, then pull or sedok up blood on the aching tooth out. If successful, the color of blood that comes out is usually blackish red.

If the toothache is gone, take care of teeth by means of diligent brushing your teeth, gargle after every meal and after waking up, not too often eat chocolate, etc.

If you want a toothache completely healed, visit to the dentist and ask the opinion of his best. Usually, doctors recommend to pull a tooth or a tooth patch (if the hole is not too big). With so pain in the teeth that could someday relapse need not make you uneasy.


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