Cucumber for the benefit of high blood

Hasil gambar untuk timunWho does not know high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a disease that affects nearly 15 million people in Indonesia and only 4 percent of them can be controlled. High blood pressure is a disease caused by blood pressure above 140 mm Hg per 90 mmHg. Lifestyle, environmental factors, obesity, uncontrolled diet, lack of exercise to stress trigger the beginning of the disease. In the modern era, lots of people want something that is practical and easy to obtain in terms of treatment. So now in addition to drugs that have been prescribed by a doctor, more and more people are attracted to the treatments derived from nature. Cucumbers are one of them. Lately cucumber has its own charm that is related to high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is one of the diseases that have dangerous risks if not controlled properly. Hence the advice to check blood pressure every two weeks is important to note. Not to mention the people who are at high risk of developing complications such as high blood pressure patients with stroke, coronary heart disease and other diseases associated with blood vessels should be more frequently to check his blood pressure. Because of the magnitude of the risks the disease is to be controlled particularly well with salty foods that reduce, avoid stress or exercise.

Memtimun itself has long been known to many people as fresh vegetables or disebagaian regions in Indonesia have made use cucumber into juice. Cucumber himself the last few years is believed to lower blood pressure or stabilize blood tekananan at a normal level. Benefits of cucumber is considered very true because the cucumber contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus that is increasing the disposal of urine with a high water content so it can lower blood pressure. Potassium contained in many fruits and vegetables and very good, especially for people who have high blood pressure. The study ever conducted in East Java with a sample of people 40-50 years old who have high blood pressure showed as many as 250 cc cucumber juice taken during the 3-day average of the samples showed a decrease in blood pressure.


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