Dehydrated Skin and Skin, What is the Solution?

Does your skin feel dry, tight, and like a mask? Or, your skin easily becomes red, itchy, sore, and sometimes peeling?
If you experience this, chances are you have dry skin or dehydration. Both of these skin types have similar characteristics, such as dull, dry, feels tight, itchy, rough, peeling, burning, until may arise fine lines and irritation. Nonetheless, the notion of dry skin is not the same as the skin dehydration.Dry skinDry skin is generally a congenital. That is, a person is born with a certain skin type, ie dry skin. Skin becomes dry because of less produce natural oils to keep the skin moist.It is caused by factors in the body of the person, for example, in people with allergies talent. In addition, the aging factor can also cause the skin becomes drier.Because this is a state of the parts of the body besides the face - such as the hands, feet, and scalp - can also experience the same drought.Nevertheless, there are also external factors that may worsen the dry skin, the cold air, the humidity is low, too often or for too long a shower using hot water, and are often exposed to harsh chemicals - such as detergent and soap faces - that can shed the skin's natural oils.Dry skin occurs because the skin barrier or protective skin consisting of seramid, fatty acids, and cholesterol, which suffered damage. As a result, the skin is not capable of producing natural oils and hold water contained therein.Dehydrated skinDehydrated skin is a skin condition that is dehydrated or have a low humidity. The skin can actually produce enough natural oils, sometimes even excessive. In addition, oily skin can become dehydrated. However, there are external factors that cause a reduction in skin moisture.Skin condition that can be caused by having too often swim, sauna, skin sunburn, exposed to air that is too cold and dry, too much alcohol and smoking, taking drugs and certain medications, as well as the use of products facial cleanser and facial treatments that shed natural oils and irritate the skin.As many as 30% of the skin is water. The water contained in the skin contribute to maintaining moisture and elasticity. People who do not meet the water needs of the body vulnerable to dehydration of the skin.In addition, aging can also cause skin dehydration. This is because the natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which serves to keep the skin moist also decreases with age. People who are strict dieting can dehydrate the skin because of a lack of nutrients needed to maintain skin moisture. Because the essential components to keep the skin moist is composed of protein, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.Solutions You Can DoAvoid trigger factors that can cause dry skin and dehydrated. Consumption of water each day in accordance with the needs of the body, ie, at least 8 glasses per day, and also eating foods with nutritionally complete and balanced.In addition, use a facial moisturizer that contains oil - for oily skin - and with water-based moisturizing cream to the skin dehydration. Do not forget to always wear sunscreen in the morning and afternoon. If you care creams cause skin dryness, itching, and redness, immediately discontinue use and consult a doctor.Remember to do not arbitrarily choose / use face wash products. Avoid soap faces that can break down the skin's natural oils. Instead, choose a face soap that contains moisturizers, so that the skin moist is always awake.


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