7 Benefits of Dragon Fruit Healthy Body For Everyday

The benefits of dragon fruit to the following health is no less great than the various other types of fruit. Dragon fruit is the fruit of a unique shape, red skin and flesh are generally white or dark red fine seeding. Dragon fruit is very good for the human body because it contains such as vitamin C, vitamin B1, folic acid, fiber and carotenoids.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Here are some health benefits of dragon fruit that you can use:

1. Prevent Cancer

Cancer mrupakan one jensi the deadly disease, the cancer cells can grow anywhere. To treat cancer is one done with kemoteraphi, but it would require a very expensive cost. If you have the risk of cancer, you should multiply because eating dragon fruit dragon fruit can be used as a cancer prevention drug, it is because the content of antioxidants contained in fruits dragon.

2. Reduce Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes or often referred to as diabetes is a disease caused by high blood sugar levels. Not only that, diabetes is also a hereditary disease. If you have a history of diabetes, you should multiply the consumption of dragon fruit. The dragon fruit has high content of Vitamin B3 can decrease your chances of suffering from diabetes.

3. Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Heart disease is one type of severe disease that is quite dangerous. So never underestimate this disease. Dragon fruit contains Vitamin B3 so that it can lower cholesterol levels in the body. If the cholesterol level is not excessive then you can avoid the various diseases and disorders of the circulatory system and the heart.

4. Maintaining Bone Health

Dragon fruit can help menjaha bone health. Calcium and forsor contained in dragon fruit is quite high. This was disclosed by the FAO which is the UN body in charge of food problems.

5. Maintain Healthy Eyes

Dragon fruit also can maintain eye health. This is because the high content of beta-carotene in dragon fruit. If you are tired of eating carrots, you can now eating dragon fruit to help nourish the eyes.

6. Boost Immune System

The immune system is low will cause the body to become weak and susceptible to disease. If you have a weak immune system you can multiply eating dragon fruit, because of the high content of vitamin C which contained therein.

7. Help Lower High Blood Pressure

High content of vitamin C, antioxidants, flavonoids and magnesium in the dragon fruit can flex artery in the body. So by eating dragon fruit regularly can reduce high blood pressure and make blood flow smoothly. In addition imbangi also with regular exercise and maintain your diet by eating a healthy diet.

You can add a dragon fruit into the daily menu to meet the needs and health of the body everyday. Can be consumed directly or made a refreshing juice. Good luck!


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