Benefits Body Sit Up For Men and Women's Health

Sit up is one sport that is healthy for the body. Sit ups are so many benefits that we can get, especially to tighten the muscles of the body. The muscles can be tightened when the exercises are crunches abdominal muscles. Thus, not a few people doing sit ups in order to shrink the stomach is distended.

Benefits Sit Up For Women

Benefits of sit ups for women themselves have a slimming effect. Therefore, sit-ups into one exercise that must be done in a healthy diet program. Even so, we also have to balance it with a variety of other physical exercises so that the stomach becomes more slender.

Benefits Sit Up For Men

Actually, sit ups just to strengthen the supporting muscles of the body. Aerobic exercise its own role in the burning of calories in the stomach. Therefore, sit up without balanced with other physical exercise will not make you become more slender.
Not just for women, the benefits of sit-ups for men is proven to improve the performance of the hormone testosterone which can minimize the risk of osteoporosis for men. Especially if you do sit ups regularly and correctly, then you will get more benefits from the sit ups.

How to Sit Up For Healthy Body

So that we get a variety of benefits for the health of sit ups , then we must do the exercise sit ups with the right moves. The steps sit ups right are as follows:
1. Perform warm up first to get used to the muscles of the body.


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