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Monday, April 25, 2016

Your Oily Skin? Do Wrong Choose Moisturizer

Cleanse and moisturize facial skin care is a basic routine everyday to get healthy skin, whatever your skin type.
Although seem contradictory, oily skin still needs moisturizer. Due to the fact that, with the use of proper moisturizer can actually reduce oil production and give a better skin texture.
Why could oily skin?
Oily skin occurs because of excess activity of oil glands. This is mainly related to hormonal factors. Therefore the more we age, the production of oil also decreased with decrease in the hormone. However, note that oil is formed on the surface of the skin are not proportional to the level of skin hydration. Oil is not always moisturize oily skin clear and does not make your skin smooth or rubbery.
Why keep oily skin needs a moisturizer?
Many are trying to cope with oil at the surface of the skin by washing your face more often. Turns face wash just remove the oil on the surface, but do not hydrate the skin so that the skin surface becomes dry, and it will make the oil glands under the skin produce more oil. So, moisturizer is still required to maintain a balance in the skin surface.
In addition, the content of the natural enzymes in the skin helps peel off dead skin regularly. If your skin is dry, these enzymes do not work well and lead accumulates dead skin so the skin becomes rough and dull. Therefore, a moisturizer is still needed by even oily skin to stay healthy, smooth, and bright.
Are all suitable moisturizer for oily skin?
It turns out choosing a moisturizer for oily skin should not be arbitrary. Selection of moisturizer on the skin type should be done with caution.
Read the label on the moisturizer
Choose a moisturizer oil-free and non-comedogenic. Oil-free moisturizer will keep skin hydrated without adding the amount of oil on the surface of the skin. Products with non-comedogenic description has been tested on oily skin or acne, and usually does not cause acne worse or blackheads / new pimples.
Check carefully the content inside humidifiers
Pay attention to the ingredients in the womb moisturizer to be used, to know where the content that will help the appearance of the skin and which ones may actually exacerbate the problem of oily skin. The basic ingredients of water usually contains the suffix -icone, for example, silicone or dimethicone. Dimethicone be able to moisturize and make the skin more matte appearance.
A moisturizer that contains lactic acid, glycolic acid, or salicylic acid will increase skin turnover, so that oily skin does not look dull. Natural oils such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, or olive oil is also good to soften and hydrate the skin oily.
Avoid moisturizers that contain paraffin or cocoa butter that it can cause blockage of pores.
Pay attention to the texture of moisturizer
Moisturizers have a variety of textures, from the lightest, namely gel or lotion to severe such as cream. On oily skin, choose a moisturizer with texture gel or lotion. Avoid moisturizers with a thick creamy texture.
Sunscreen as a moisturizer
As an option can also be used sunscreen as a moisturizer. Pelembapnya to maintain skin hydration, while the content of the veil suryanya useful to counteract the effects of the sun is not good so the skin remains bright and rapidly aging. However, it should be noted that the appropriate sunscreen for oily skin, because instead want to make the skin more healthy even skin breakouts obtained, given the texture of sunscreen products that are too thick can clog pores.
Make healthy lifestyle
In addition to the use of a moisturizer, hydration and nutrition of the body remain necessary. Meet the needs of fluids, eating enough fruit and vegetables and exercising regularly can help maintain overall body balance. To increase efforts to maintain a healthy body, food supplementation can be provided according to need.
In conclusion, the skin needs hydration from within and from outside. Therefore, we should be able to meet the needs of body fluids to keep your skin hydrated from the inside, and do not forget to apply moisturizer on the outer surface of the skin. So even if your skin is oily, still need a moisturizer. If you are still unsure of the care products and cosmetics appropriate for your oily skin, immediately visit your doctor.

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