Here's How Cooking Healthy Food

Frying food is often done to make the food has a special flavor. Because, frying foods in general can generate taste the food tasty and delicious so it spoil the tongue and are very hard to resist.
No wonder that many who say that fried foods can undermine one's intention to conduct a healthy diet. However, is it true that fried foods are dangerous to health?
Fried foods are often blamed as the cause of various diseases, such as coronary heart disease. This is already evidenced by many large studies that have observed over the years.
Fried foods, especially fried up immersed in a "sea" of oil or fried using cooking oil of the same (cooking) repeatedly, it can increase the levels of bad cholesterol or Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) in the body that can increase a person's risk for becoming overweight, even obese.
In the future, these people will have a high risk for coronary heart disease, heart attack, or even die from a heart attack.
However, there is a study in Spain to make observations on 40 757 adults aged 29-69 years for 11 years. The study concluded that turns the oil used to fry contribute to health hazards due to the fried food.
Olive oil and sunflower oil - which is widely used for frying food to people living in the Mediterranean region - was not associated with coronary heart disease and death caused by the heart disease.
Related to this fact, all the people who love to eat fried food might then rejoice. However, you should not exited first. The reason, the study also has limitations by stating that the heart disease risk factors - such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure - can not be ruled out entirely.
In addition, the study also mentioned that the method and how to fry also may affect. Moreover, the study observation period is also only 11 years old. That is, we never know what will happen after 11 years, as mentioned in the research - for example in people aged 35-40 years was the age of 55 years and over, whether he will remain free of heart disease / heart disease risk factors or not. You need to know, at the age of 55 years for both men and women is a range of "age-prone" to suffer from coronary heart disease.
However, the following tips can fry you do if you just want to just pamper your taste buds:
Keep in mind the health hazards of fried foods before you begin to fry the food you want to eat.
Use olive oil or sunflower seed oil, avoid palm oil, margarine or butter.
When using olive oil / olive oil, heat the oil in moderation.
Try to use a little oil as possible, or use spray on a grill so that the oil used to fry is not too much.
Use new oil, avoid frying repeatedly with the same oil (cooking oil)
And you need to remember, try to eat fried foods is seldom as possible. Because, fried foods are not recommended as the main menu daily intake. In addition, remember also that the fried foods - although in the above manner though - not recommended to replace a healthy diet as a menu of your daily intake.


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