8 Fruit Can Expel Acne

Did you know that some of the pieces have an effect on the skin such as retinol - a drug normally used to cure acne and prevent premature aging - with fewer side effects? What are these fruits? Include the following:
1. Avocado
Fruits are rich in vitamin E may increase the skin's vitality. In addition, the avocado is able to reduce inflammation of the skin and naturally moisturizes the skin.
2. Red wine
Antioxidants, red wine is useful to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.
3. Pomegranate
Efficacy pomegranate's skin is very diverse. Antioxidant able to fight free radicals, control acne, and prevent wrinkles.
4. Lemon
Lemon can secrete acidic wastes through the skin and cleanse the liver with acid citrate. As a result, the skin was so much cleaner and brighter.
5. Watermelon
Want to remove stains on the skin? Watermelon answer! The content of vitamins A, B, and C contained in it will make the skin fresh, radiant and hydrated. Watermelon also can eliminate acne scars.
6. Melon
In addition famous for its vitamin A that can increase cell reproduction, melon can also increase the body's ability to absorb free radicals and reduce the risk of skin problems.
7. Oranges
The content of vitamin C in oranges can help protect the skin from damage caused by sunlight.
8. Apples
The fruit is rich in pectin which is effective in ousting acne. Apple peels also contain phenols which are believed to provide UVB protection. Complete, is not it?
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