Sex in the Morning Powerful Prevent Flu

Sex in the Morning Powerful Prevent Flu

Menurut penelitian, orgasme setiap kali berhubungan seks itu tidak baik. Kenapa?Did you know that sex in the morning was more pleasant and healthy?

So far, most couples have sex at night, when each pair of sleep and rest in the same bed. Unwittingly no time getting out of bed that morning, the moment when every pair is still together before the move. Morning Mr. P men experience testosterone surges through the night while sleeping. This is what makes him so passionate during sex in the morning.

According to a study written Indiatimes, Monday (05/09/2016) in the morning the best time to have sex is 07.30. Italian scientists explain if this time can help maximize your orgasm and satisfaction. The body will get enough energy and adrenaline was easy to ride.

Not only husband who is passionate, sex morning also brings benefits for women. Sex mornings will create a more intimate relationship, each partner will boost the immune system and make them far from health problems.

Sex three times a week could halve the risk of heart attack or stroke. Having sex in the morning could even reduce the chances of developing the flu because the body releases more important antibodies that are used to strengthen the immune system.


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