5 kind of guy that should be avoided

  • As a woman, you certainly expect to have a partner for life that fits your expectations. It is not easy to find a man who was almost perfect in this world. But at least, you can be more selective and careful in choosing a soul mate you want. Keep in mind, too, love is not the only guarantee of your relationship and your partner can be happy. Maybe for you, the man of your choice today is very special, extraordinary good and has been an ideal man for you and your family. However, try to learn the nature and the nature of your partner more closely before you decide to pursue more serious. Many contributing factors that need to be created so that the foundation of your relationship even stronger. Especially for a woman who is planning to build a marriage. Be careful in making decisions in choosing a male companion of your life. You certainly do not want to eventually get stuck in an unhealthy relationship with your partner. You certainly do not expect your married life later end up depressing is not it? Now, before it's too late, you should know more in a partner now. Who knew your partner was one man that you should avoid as soon as possible. Here are 5 types of men that you should avoid:
  • 1. Rude, temperament or emotional

    Woman is the one who always wanted to be protected and need to feel secure in himself. She needs a man who can fulfill it. Men who physically violent and speech, tempramental and easily emotions can harm yourself if at any time you are both involved a fight. Immediately disconnect from a man with a character like this. It could be, easily the light hand of your partner and hurt you if emotions are not controlled.
  • 2. No honest or lying

    Honesty is a must in a relationship. Without honesty, everything will end up miserable. If from the beginning of the relationship he has been dishonest about his personal life eg family background, his past life, and others, what happens when you get married? He tends to be a lot fool you.
  • 3. Do not faithful

    Unfaithful is one of the characteristics of men who like cheating alias blackguard. The affair was like a person who is addicted, he will continue to do so if it wants it back. Already confirmed the man was not the right man become the companion of your life. Maybe at the beginning of a relationship, you have trouble guessing whether your partner is faithful or not. However, over time you can observe some indicators or behavior that you can make a benchmark in view loyalty. When he was two-timing love you, immediately act.
  • 4. Eye mercenary

    Well this is often a weakness of some women. When everything is assigned to his love, sometimes you are as a woman becomes aware that you are only as object and utilized by your partner's interests and personal enjoyment. Perhaps you are not aware often spend money to him, what he wants to meet. However, you feel it is mediocre. Wow, from now on be careful, it's likely your partner is male matre'd alias mercenary.
  • 5. Just wanted intercourse

    Not to legally become your husband but had insisted wanting agency relationship like husband and wife. Do not let deh! You should immediately move away from her life. Men of this type is the man who can not appreciate women. If he really loves you, he would certainly keep and appreciate your self-esteem. Love or not, the relationship is based only intercourse alone will only make your life and your future shattered and sad ending.


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