Right this way Use Facial Tissue

Right this way Use Facial Tissue

Simak cara membersihkan wajah yang benar menggunakan tisu wajah. Foto: Goodhousekeeping.com/ GettyFacial tissue, also known as face wipes is a good friend of the women are lazy. Yes, this tissue can eliminate makeup without having to bother with the usual three-step cleaning is done to clean makeup.
However, reported from Goodhousekeeping.com, Friday (03/08/2016), there are certain ways to clean your face using this type of cleaning this one.

Dermatologist from Beverly Hills, Debra Luftman, advocate for wiping a face full of makeup on the forehead toward the jaw so that bacteria do not end up in the middle of the face. He also suggested, in order to focus on the area of ​​the nose when washing the face using facial tissue. This is because the area is a point most vulnerable to bacteria and dirt, causing blackheads and pimples.

Preferably, use a facial tissue do in times of emergency or when traveling. However, the face requires a deeper cleaning process, especially if you're putting on makeup to complete.


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