It's the Biggest Regret Elderly Revealed in His life

It's the Biggest Regret Elderly Revealed in His life

'What is your greatest regret in life?

If given the above questions, what would you answer? It could be sorry for being too preoccupied with themselves to forget about the parents may exist.

A study tried mengulik biggest regrets what he felt the elderly. The answer is not grandiose: "I regret spending too much time worrying about something".

This is an answer to the most encountered by a professor of human development at Cornell University, United States, Karl Pillemer when interviewing hundreds of elderly people in Cornell University's Legacy Project.

Answer is simple but full of meaning also makes Pillemer already studied older people by surprise.

"Regret our primary concern. We worry too much on things that are not concrete, not to worry," said Pillemer launch page Independent, Monday (09/05/2016).

To reduce the remorse that may occur later in life, experts advise focusing on the problems, not feared. This significantly reduces our worries.

Pillemer following suggestions for a person who is not too much worry in life:

- Focus on things short term than long term.

- Instead of worrying, it is better to prepare yourself in the face of perceived fear.


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