6 to Treat and Prevent Child Eczema

Eczema on the skin is one of the diseases in children caused by allergic factors has. The skin looks dry and irritated. The inflammation can occur anywhere in the body, but most commonly affected are the hands and feet. The symptoms are itching disturbing that when scratched can make the skin becomes thickened and can be wound causing subsequent infection of the skin allergy.
Eczema can come and go. In some children, eczema can be lost at school age. But as a teenager, especially during puberty can come again. Hormonal changes are the cause appears again. To overcome eczema in children, you can moisturize the skin by smearing ointment such as petroleum jelly. Shower can moisturize the skin. But use warm water, not hot.
In addition, you can practice the easier ways like this to reduce or prevent eczema:
In addition, you can practice the easier ways like this to reduce or prevent eczema:
1. Stop Scratching
Scratching can aggravate eczema and cause a skin rash. Help your child to stop scratching by avoiding clothing made itch like wool. Cut off their finger nails and wear gloves. Compress a cold cloth on the irritated points can relieve itching.
2. Do not Sweat
Sweating can cause itching in eczema. In order for your child to stay cool, give your child cotton clothes that can absorb sweat. Keep your home cool, especially the bedroom.
3. Avoid Allergies
Allergies and eczema is like a coin. Consult your pediatrician about allergy suffered. Avoid allergy triggers such as pet, bed linen is dirty, and keep the house free of dust and dirt. When cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter to capture allergens substances.
4. Relax
Stress can cause itching and redness for children with eczema. Stay away from the child's stress and make them always relaxed. Holidays and breaks are some ideas so that children remain relaxed.
5. Drug Dosage
Doctors usually prescribe creams or ointments containing corticosteroids for eczema symptoms. Do not use more than the recommended dosage because it will make the skin thinner.
6. Infection Prevention
Children who suffer from eczema will be prone to skin infections such as herpes or Staph Infection. Beware the symptoms of skin infection such as fever, redness, bumps or bruises.


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