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When we hear the word coconut oil, then the first thing that would occur to us of course is an oil that can be used to cook food all day. Coconut oil is considered a healthy oil for consumption. But, you know, coconut oil was also able to bring good other than as one of the food maker. Now, many beauty experts are recommending coconut oil as one of the ingredients that can be used for body care.

Did you know, palm oil turned out to be one of the herbal ingredients to be very effective to treat rough skin on knees and elbows. Mix coconut oil with sea salt with a balanced ratio and use of this material as a scrub is applied to the whole body skin. Many beauty treatments are now taking this admixture as oil massage given the ability to remove dead skin cells and make the skin become more ternutrisi and humid. In addition as a mixture, coconut oil itself can be applied to the whole body before bathing. Use coconut oil that has been frozen for the therapy and after the entire body terolesi, wash with soap to almost smooth on the skin disappear. This trick will make the skin retain moisture and become healthier.

For the area of ​​the face, palm oil it can be used to clean make-up. Use cotton wool dibahasi warm coconut oil to swab to the face until all make-up successfully cleared. Afterwards, rinse your face with warm water until smooth taste on the skin disappear. The face will again clean and moisture the skin will be maintained. In addition, try to use coconut oil when applied to the eye area, especially at the bottom of the eye, every night before bed. This trick is believed to be able to make eye skin free from wrinkles and toned so it is not easy to slack.

Coconut oil can also be used to treat the hair. Warm coconut oil that has a liquid can be used after hair washed. Apply coconut oil is up to the rest of the hair and scalp and then let stand for five minutes. Before watering, try to use shampoo to wash back and then rinse thoroughly. This trick is believed to be able to make the scalp and hair retain moisture, and free from the problem of dandruff.


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