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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tips for Maintaining Reproductive Health Men And Women

organ reproduksi pria dan wanita
Talking about reproductive health issues, it means talking about the responsibility on yourself. Starting from maintaining cleanliness on the clothes, especially underwear.

It's good underwear that often everyday wear made of cotton and replace it every once in a day. Because the pants are worn more than one day there will be moisture that can cause bacteria and disease.

Frequent cleaning of your reproductive organs, especially when out certain liquids. Immediately wash the genitals with clean water after defecating such as bowel and urination, Remaining dirt can cause irritation and infection.

For women, do not clean behind the reproduction of the way forward wipe from front to back. Avoid the habit of scratching when the itch because it can cause irritation. Wear warm wet wipes and rinse.

For adults, clean the reproductive organs of women and men can be done in a way to shave the genitals (pubic). It is very useful to remove bacteria and moisture on genitals. Feathers are too long can make the area around the sex organs become moist and bacteria. Therefore, shave in the reproductive organs are very important for reproductive health.

Take care of reproductive health with good things.

Reproductive health care can dimaulai with good habits. Among them are not using the electronic tools in the near thighs like mobile phones, tablets, laptops and others. A gadget or electronic device that heat can lead to reduced sperm quality. So also with the use of super-tight pants that would make the reproductive organs become hot.

Instill the principle of abstinence before marriage. Premarital sex can typically occur in more than one partner. This is what will create great opportunities for disease transmission sex. Moreover, many venereal disease is currently very dangerous and risk damaging the genitals. Read: 8 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy Keeping Kidneys In order

Get used to also care for reproductive health by means of health checked regularly. This can be done at least once a year in order to detect the venereal disease that appears. Early detection will mempemudah handling. Checks that can be done such as mammography, Pap smear and also checking in general is one effective way to maintain reproductive health.

Maintain and care for the reproductive organs

Especially for the female reproductive organs, it is not easy to take care of him. Especially if it is not maintained and cared for, a variety of diseases harmful reproductive organs will bemunculan. According to doctors inneke sirowanto, SpOG Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology, most of the problems that occur in a woman's reproductive health is caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses. So it becomes the cause of pelvic inflammation. Also abnormalities in the reproductive organs of women. See also: Explanation Experts About Dangers of Cigarettes For Reproductive Health

Tips on taking care of the female reproductive organs

kesehatan reproduksi wanita

  • Get used to rinse the vagina after completion of urination and defecation. wash them clean by rinsing from front to back. Most women do not understand this, many women who washed the sex organs of the anus to the vagina.
  • This will cause the bacteria lodged in the anus and into the vagina, so that resulted in the emergence of itching in the vaginal area. Should wash sex organs with a tissue before wearing panties with a swab. If the area of ​​the sex organs are left damp, mold will grow easily.
  • Do not wear underwear that is too tight, Because it can suppress the vaginal muscles and make the area becomes moist. Examples such as jeans, is what triggers the occurrence of moisture and cause the growth of mushrooms.
  • Change underwear 1 a day when the weather is cold state. However, when the weather is hot state should replace 2 times a day. Make sure the pants are worn easily absorb sweat.
  • Note the type of paper tissue when used to clean the sex organs. Tissue is very good because it serves to absorb water and mucus. But tissue contaminated with germs and bacteria would be very dangerous
  • Avoid using water reservoirs or water while in the former public toilets, from the research results stored water contained in a public restroom can contain bacteria and fungi.
  • Use the pads with a soft texture and dry in order to avoid irritation when you menstruate. Replace the pads as often as possible especially when a lot of blood flow that reaches 5 to 6 hours. Because blood is deposited on the pads will be the growth of bacteria that can cause infection.
  • Do not use scented perfume pantyliner regularly every day because it can cause irritation to the skin. Use of pantyliner only be done if you have vaginal discharge. Prepare always more to replace underpants.
  • The use of special liquid continuously in cleaning the sex organs should also be avoided. Because this would disturb the balance of flora in the vagina. If overused, it will kill the good bacteria that lead to the growth of mold. So there will be itching in the sex organs.
  • Do not have sexual intercourse during menstruation. Because the lining of the uterus during menstruation tends to be soft and easy injury.
  • Also avoid depression and excessive stress and switch to an active healthy lifestyle with exercise and diet with balanced nutrition mengosumsi.

How to care for the health of the male reproductive organs

kesehatan reproduksi pria

Apart from being an important organ of the penis is a symbol of virility for men, so that his health must be maintained in order to function properly. In maintaining and taking care of her reproductive organs sometimes often overlooked by the men, causing various problems such as premature ejaculation , impotence and more. Well, for men who are still confused how to care for reproductive health properly, consider the following tips:

Cleaning regularly

Wash your genitals regularly, ie rinsing with clean water every time to waste water either urinate or defecate. For men who have not been circumcised or not required to clean the inside of the foreskin of the penis in the head until clean to avoid cancer.

Wearing pants in a clean and hygienic

Change underwear at least 2 times a day if the users easy to sweat, to avoid the growth of germs and bacteria. Pants in unhygienic as sweaty, dirty, dirt and moisture, it will be easier for the bacteria to breed. Thus arises the various types of diseases such as prickly heat, odor and others.

Shaving pubic hair on a regular basis

If the hair on the genitals already stretched preferably should be shaved in order to keep it short and avoid the growth of bacteria. In addition, there is also the good bacteria found in the genital area, then do not shave on your genitals.

Avoiding from malicious threats

The genitals are very sensitive to x-rays X-rays, so try not to do x-ray frequency. X-rays do just once in a span of six months. Avoid foods and beverages that can damage reproductive organs such as drinking alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, drugs and so forth ...

Keeping from moisture

When the male genitalia are within the scope of the heat, then the sperm produced will drop quality. This could lead to difficult the fertilization of the egg by his wife. Therefore, avoid using tight clothing made from heat and lack of ventilation. Also stay away from bad habits as well as a laptop on the thigh because it can increase the temperature of your genitals.

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