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Friday, April 22, 2016

Saliva Shortage Could Threaten Health

Saliva Shortage Could Threaten Health

Sometimes we feel disgusted with saliva, when fluid from the oral cavity is one patron to the teeth and other tissues in the cavity mulut.Air saliva or in medical language is called with saliva, when reduced in numbers, it can cause a wide range of health complaints.

Saliva is produced by three salivary glands in the mouth and throat that drains half to one and a half liters per day. Substances and components in the saliva is important for the body and the oral cavity, which includes immunoglobulins, electrolytes, organic molecules, proteins, and others.

Probably thinks about the usefulness of saliva only limited help in the process of chewing and digestion of food alone. But with so many important components in the saliva, the function is quite a lot that includes:

Protect teeth from caries process or holes.
Set the level of acidity of the mouth and neutralize the acid produced by bacteria destroyer teeth.
Simplify the process of swallowing food that has been chewed.
Facilitate movement of tongue and lips in the process of talking.
Prevent the development of bacteria that are not controlled.
Assist in tasting the taste of food and beverages.
Assist in cleaning up the leftovers.
Protect the oral soft tissue irritation.
As a rinse in the oral cavity.
Assist in the use of removable dentures to remain stable in place.
Assist in the process of reshaping the tooth minerals.
Helps eliminate keasaaman of dental plaque that can cause damage.
Neutralize the acidity of dental plaque after eating so as to prevent the risk of damage to the enamel.

Judging from these functions, we can know that saliva is impaired production will be enough to threaten the health of the teeth, oral cavity and interfere with the digestive process. Teeth can have holes and surface damage, difficulties in speaking, swallowing, and are susceptible to infections such as fungal infections and so on.

There is a condition which is a decrease in saliva production and have symptoms of dry mouth. His name is xerostomia. It may be a sign of disease, due to consumption of certain drugs, or the impact of the condition of a person who panic and stress. If you experience dry mouth, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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