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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Know Causes And Symptoms And How To Avoid Heart Disease

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Heart disease as the main killer was asked which of course makes many people shudder when I heard. Although it sounds sinister, but that does not mean we can not avoid the disease. Healthy lifestyle is the key to avoiding heart disease, and this advice also applies to those who are suffering from heart disease are daunting.

Heart attack is the most severe phase, and is usually referred to as a condition where the blood supply to the heart is not smooth due to the buildup of cholesterol, fat and other elements. Note that the interrupted blood flow to the heart will destroy heart muscle and in turn would be fatal to the body.

Excessive anxiety, dizziness and weakness, pain in the chest, and shortness of breath, are some without a heart attack. One symptoms does not mean that the disease appears. Sick heart is usually characterized by multiple symptoms, and depending on how severe the pain is felt. In short, not all chest pain is categorized as a disease of the heart.

Every fatal disease is certainly frightening, although that does not mean there is no way out to make life better. This is also true when the body undergoes heart disease. One surefire solution to fix a sick body because the disease is to exercise regularly and manage your diet. Besides taking heart medications on a regular basis will also be necessary.

Basically, heart disease can not be cured completely, although it can be prevented so that the sufferer is not deteriorated. Above we mentioned that a heart patient's body can be improved with exercise. However, exercise should be done is a sport that is designed specifically for people with heart. Do strenuous exercise is not recommended.

Why is that? Because strenuous exercise would likely weigh on the heart and in turn will create the conditions to get worse over time. Therefore you need to consult a doctor about a good sport to do in the heart of the unhealthy conditions. In this way, you can avoid unwanted bad situation.

Indeed, there are basically damaged heart muscle to recover, although it may take up to several months. Surgery is necessary if the heart condition worsened. But there are several things you can do to improve the quality of heart health, and among them are:

Fixing lifestyle

People who suffer from a fatal disease that attacks the heart can improve the condition of the body by applying more nutritious healthy diet, exercising regularly, and quitting smoking forever (for smokers). A drink can also stop consuming alcohol, in order to keep the heart healthy.

Consuming drugs specifically

Treatment of heart failure typically involves the use of special drugs such as statins (to lower cholesterol), antiplatelet agents (to prevent blood clotting), and diabetes medications (to control the body when you are suffering from diabetes). In addition, high blood pressure drugs may also be required.

Suggestions as noted in section one above can also be done by people who do not suffer from heart. In people over 40 years, it becomes necessary for him to keep cholesterol levels in the body. Therefore, the 40-year-old should avoid fatty foods such as fried foods, chicken curry, rendang, and other greasy food.

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