Here's 7 Best Foods For Your Body

Friend, health tips. Healthy food is one of the most important factors for keeping the body to keep it healthy and fit. In this day and age, many of us who do not care about what is needed by the body and can only think of origin of fullness only at breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact, the human body needs a variety of important nutrients contained in the food consumed for health. So, what food was suitable and best to ensure that the body is always healthy throughout the day ... ???

Choosing nutritious foods and contain a variety of nutrients to the body is easy bother. This is because, different types of food in consumption usually contain nutrients that are good for only one organ. So it is very important to know the different types of food that is needed by all the organs of your body. Health tips, here's the best food for a healthy body:
  1. Different types of fruits. Fruits are excellent for nourishing your body. This is because, various fruits are a source of fiber and vitamin C which serves to keep the immune system to keep it healthy, fit and fit throughout the day.
  2. Various types of fish. This is because, different types of fish such as tuna and sardines contain lots of omega 3 fatty acids Omega 3 fatty acid that serves to maintain the health of your heart organ.
  3. Assorted greens. Spinach is one very important food for the nutritional requirements needed by the organs of the brain. This is because, spinach contain vitamin B9 that play a role in improving memory skills associated with intelligence itself.
  4. Carrot. This is one food that is needed by the body to nourish the organs khususunya your vision. This is because, the carrot is a source of vitamin A and beta carotene which acts kebuhan sufficient nutrition for you who want a healthy eye organ.
  5. Avocado, one fruit is also very good for maintaining a healthy body, especially your kidneys. This is because, avocado is one of the foods that contain very high source of dietary fiber. So for a healthy kidney, begin loved the avocado from now.
  6. Mustard greens. This is one kind of vegetable that is excellent consumed to keep the liver in order to function optimally. Various other food was very good to nourish the liver that is under the red and white onions, cabbage, soy and red wine.
  7. Dark chocolate, This is one of the foods that are excellent for keeping your blood pressure remained normal. So for those of you who are afraid of the rise and fall of blood pressure, start eating dark chocolate.


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