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Thursday, April 21, 2016

7 Healthy Foods that Turns Dangerous for the Body

 foods that we think are healthy who turns deadly, quoted by Cosmopolitan on Monday (06/08/2015), Jakarta - Some healthy foods that we think it can be a silent killer for us. Whether because of the origin of the food or the way we handle food that is actually healthy to be unhealthy.
Here are 7 foods that we think are healthy who turns deadly, quoted by Cosmopolitan on Monday (08/06/2015).
1. Olive oil
Olive oil is healthy. But, when you use olive oil for frying eggs, steak, or whatever food you eat, olive oil can make a delicious meal so toxic. When the olive oil is heated, then the substances contained in them turn out to be carcinogenic.
2. Celery
Never once did incorporate celery into soup that is still in a condition cooked. Celery will release harmful nitrite, which is toxic to the body.
3. Mushrooms
Just like celery, mushrooms if you heat too long can make them so poisonous. Enough to cook once.
4. Almond
Be careful in choosing almond. When origin, could have almonds obtained was a wild almonds contain cyanide, a deadly substance for the body.
5. Potatoes
Potatoes can be used as a substitute for rice in order to meet someone carbohydrates. However, be careful in choosing potatoes. Do not even use green potatoes because they contain toxins known as solanine, which initially causes vomiting and you end up with a heart attack.
6. Margarine
There are lots of unhealthy compounds in margarine. According to some studies, margarine containing hexane, industrial chemicals that have toxic effects.
7. Apples
Apple seeds contain amygdalin in small quantities, which when fused with digestive enzymes will produce hydrogen cyanide. Hydrogen cyanide can kill an adult within minutes when consumed in large quantities. Therefore avoid swallowing apple seeds when eating the fruit.

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